Weep For Our Jewish Daughters … Lunatics Running the Asylum: The Insanity of Israel’s Delusional Leaders!

Adina Kutnicki



(Gilboa Prison)

No one imagined in their worst nightmares that benefits granted imprisoned terrorists by wardens included female soldiers.

And we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Turns out that, allegedly, the warden of Israel’s largest high security prison, with the knowledge and cooperation of his staff, pimped young female Jewish soldiers to prominent Jew-killing terrorists in Gilboa prison.

It is common knowledge that terrorist prisoners receive undeserved benefits including gourmet meals, entertainment,and academic studies, but no one ever imagined in their worst nightmares that it included having their way with Jewish girls sent by their superiors.

It was from this highest security prison that six terrorists escaped a few months ago.

How can this happen? It’s a process.

Apparently this shocking alleged state of affairs has been going on for a while, but just recently surfaced.

No doubt, years ago, (let’s say…

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