China to test hypersonic missiles in Taiwan blockade drill

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Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan illustrates nothing else except her reckless stupidity. There was absolutely nothing to gain………especially for herself, The House, and her Democratic Party. If anything, she further endangered the people Taiwan. (Arlin Report comment)

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Biden economic policy: raise taxes, increase inflation, go further into debt

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I decided to do a round-up of articles from a variety of conservative news sources showing the effects of Biden economic policy. I hope everyone is making plans to deal with the coming catastrophe. It is a mistake to elect people who are focused on global warming, same-sex marriage, and gr00ming children for the benefit of their pedo constituents.  We really need to vote them out in 2022.

First, Daily Wire reports on a study that shows the likely effects of Biden’s Increase Inflation Act:

The Democrat-supported “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” could lead to a slight increase in inflation over the next two years if it’s passed and signed into law, according to a Penn Wharton study released Friday.

[…]The Democrat spending package… would be the largest legislative climate investment the U.S. has ever made at $369 billion. The bill would also raise taxes on billion-dollar businesses and extend Affordable…

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Fixing Elections

The Lone Cactus

Oh, I’ve talked about this before, but it keeps coming up as a major topic of conversation. So, some people aren’t getting the message. I’d ask that you reblog this, cut and paste this, email it, whatever you have to do to all of your friends and family, and all of the elected officials in Washington, DC. They need to know how to fix the whole election problem because it’s obviously not getting through to them.

Here’s what I would do.

First and foremost, You can only register for your right to vote at a government office of some sort. Maybe it’s the Attorney General’s office. Maybe it’s your Secretary of State’s office. Maybe it’s the DMV. Somewhere that is controlled by the government. You have to do it 90 days prior to you actually voting whether it’s in a primary or in a general election. You need to show…

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Ongoing Threat to Liberty

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 3, 2022

Today I am sharing three videos (except in the case of my WordPress Blog readers, it will be four videos due to embed issues). There is no direct theme between the videos yet indirectly they are related to what the threat to personal Liberty appears to be.

The first video is just a little over six minutes long. It was picked up by a Bitchute Channel I subscribe to with no relevant info in the description. The video itself is narrated by “The Philosopher” which you might know who she is, I do not. The video is a short, to-the-point history of the tyrannical tentacles of MK Ultra. A dark money CIA program breaking down Constitutional barriers to experiment on Americans. It’s not mentioned in the video, but reminds me a lot of today’s Globalist/Dem-Marxist fearmongering control instituted…

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Leaked #FBI Doc Labels Betsy Ross Flag, “Extremist”. The FBI IS #COMMUNIST RADICAL, Now.

The Mad Jewess

Leaked #FBI Doc Labels Betsy Ross Flag, “Extremist”. The FBI IS #COMMUNIST RADICAL, Now.

We cannot trust our own law enforcement agencies. They have been completely taken over by Obama and Eric Holder thru the Biden administration.

Anything that is patriotic American is ‘extremist’ according to the radical, demonic Communist schmucks.

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“The Days Of The United States Of America Are NUMBERED”, Pastor Carter Conlon:

The Mad Jewess

“The Days Of The United States Of America Are NUMBERED”

I have been listening to this video. This Pastor says that children are now the objects of perversion and that is when a nation is ‘over’.

IF you have the time. PLEASE listen.. It is excellent.

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An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The Mad Jewess

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The murderous, butt-puke Leftists are going insane over a former slave cabin which is currently being rented out by a patron on AirBnB. They are outraged over this but not outraged over homosexual militants who are teaching little children how to be tiny drag queens. They’re NOT outraged over 65 plus million little babies being snuffed out and murdered by abortion. The Leftists support Nazi’s in Ukraine and Jihadists in the Arab Muslim countries. But, they are super upset over an old, reformed slave cabin. SICKENING.

Leftists are the vessels of destruction that Paul the Apostle talked about.

Leftists are here to DESTROY and very little else.

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