OUR Hashem God’s Lightening Strikes DC, Right At The White House. Joe-BAMA’s EVIL WHITE HOUSE.

The Mad Jewess

OUR Hashem God’s Lightening Strikes DC, Right At The White House. Joe-BAMA’s EVIL WHITE HOUSE!

Psalm 62:11
God has spoken once,
Twice I have heard this:
That power belongs to God.

You think this was some accident? It’s a warning shot. This White House is even more evil than the Barack Obama White House.. Why? Because Obama is the son of perdition. Barack will only get more evil as time goes onthru his mouthpiece, Diaper Joe.

I truly believe we will absolutely see the end of millions of Leftists & war mongers in this country. We are going to witness the END of the wicked. IN our lifetime.

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EVIL Woman Uploads “Self Guided Abortion” To Her YT Channel. Inc Demon Worship, Tarot Cards

The Mad Jewess

EVIL Woman Uploads “Self Guided Abortion” To Her YT Channel. Inc Demon Worship, Tarot Cards

Just disgusting! Horrible! 😦 Hat tip: Tiff

Here is my Rumble:

Or on my Bitchute:

America has turned SO evil, it is disgusting. I feel so ashamed.

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Trans-Gender Is Angered That Other Trannies Are Perverting Your Children With These Books At Libraries:

The Mad Jewess

Trans-Gender Is Angered That Other Trannies Are Perverting Your Children With These Books At Libraries:

He says that Trannies should not be reading books to little children. They have no business reading anything to your children. He says that a lot of filthy things go on at ‘gay’ bars, etc. He says ‘gays need to dress at home, together’, not out where kids are. Take your child to Chuck E Cheese or Disneyland.

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LIVE Footage Of The Hudson River…. BOILING!

The Mad Jewess

LIVE Footage Of The Hudson River…. BOILING!

The man in this video below suggests it might be the close by nuclear power plant. IT may also be a Volcano underneath?

Who knows….!!

Your guess is as good as mine:

PS: I am slowly switching over to Bitchute and Rumble.

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H/T Arlin Report

Balladeer's Blog

democrat republican otherIt’s time for another news roundup here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog.

THE LATEST ON THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY AND ITS UNDERBOSS HUNTER BIDEN. “No-show jobs” – common to organized crime AND Hunter Biden.

ELECTION FRAUD CONCERNS ARE DELAYING THE U.K. VOTE FOR THEIR NEXT PRIME MINISTER. The repercussions from America’s tainted and corrupt 2020 presidential election continue to be felt around the world.

POLL: SIXTY-TWO PERCENT CALL OUT BIDEN FOR BEING A RECESSION DENIER BY CORRECTLY IDENTIFYING THE ONGOING RECESSION. More HERE. Majority also say that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump handed a surging economy over to the Biden Regime, who proceeded to crash it into the ground.



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The Difference Between The Right And The Left

The Lone Cactus

I have sat quietly watching the Supreme Court decisions unfold in June. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I was happy to see the fact that the state of New York, which quite frankly I’ve always viewed as not just liberal but run by a bunch of narcissistic idiots that would never be allowed to even run for office in another state, get their anti-gun carry law banned. And I was happy that a “right” that was never granted by the Constitution (abortion) was overturned and given it’s rightful place back to the states, as should have happened some 50 years ago.

But what all of this has taught me is the overriding difference between the left and the right.

When the right has something passed that they don’t like, they go along with it until it can be changed. Oh, they may hold peaceful (that should have been underlined, in…

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Think & Dig Before YOU Trust

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 4, 2022

When you hear or read a Dem-Marxist or MSM outlet tell you to trust the science, THAT SHOULD be your red flag to NOT trust what you are told!

A few days ago while researching another post, I ran into the claim some science from an Arizona University claims their data shows the Wuhan-Chinese Virus (aka COVID or Coronavirus) came from the Wuhan Wet Market naturally rather than manmade manipulation in a Lab. I’m not a scientist, but I can read. And I noticed something glaring in the 7/26/22 news story I read (many outlets including those reputed to be science based picked up on this Arizona research), seemed to mention many kinds of live critters (“including red foxes, hog badgers, and raccoon dogs”) with NO MENTION of the primary species associated with the specific COVID emanating…

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Baal Worship Was In Our Face At Commonwealth 2022 Opening Ceremony

The Mad Jewess

Baal Worship Was In Our Face At Commonwealth 2022 Opening Ceremony

Hat Tip: Rogue Christian

The more things ‘change’, the more they remain the same.

There is nothing ‘new’ under the sun. People will constantly worship something, anything other than Hashem God.

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Whatta Hellhole: DEMOCRAT Philadelphia On Kensington Avenue

The Mad Jewess

Whatta Hellhole: DEMOCRAT Philadelphia On Kensington Avenue

This is how the evil CommieCrats care about the poor people in their cities. If this is love, I’ll take hate. I will stay in my ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’ Northern Arizona, tyvm.

Wee heeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ya get what you vote for.

Enjoy ANY Democrat city in America, foreigners!

Come and visit! 🙂

Get your walk through horror shows in the flesh.

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