Largest Oil & Gas Companies by Revenue are China’s Sinopec; PetroChina, and Saudi’s ARAMCO

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The UN statement on “largest energy companies” is inaccurate and is based on one news article written by the British Guardian regarding revenues of UK and American oil companies for the first quarter of 2022. The largest, most profitable, oil and gas companies are China’s PetroChina, Sinopec, and Saudi Aramco: More details, below.

PetroChina, alone, had first quarter 2022 revenues of $122.77 billion. China’s Sinopec first quarter revenues were $114 billion. Saudi ARAMCO “net income rose 82% to $39.5 billion”. In contrast, Exxon Mobil Corporation first-quarter 2022 earnings were $5.5 billion. And, Russian fossil fuel companies have made $144 billion since the beginning of the war.

The lazy UN researchers only quoted from (an) article(s) regarding the profits of US and UK oil companies: “The combined profits of the largest energy companies in the first quarter of this year are close to $100 billion…

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