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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now Dementia Biden’s Brown Shirts/Gestapo FBI raided President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago Florida under the pretense of looking for classified documents that every modern President has taken from the White House to decide what goes to their Presidential Library. AND as you will or hear in the cross posts I’ll be sharing, some Dems have actually destroyed classified or subpoenaed documents (electronic or otherwise) without ANY legal repercussions to cover up their crimes.

My fellow Americans, the Dem-Marxist dictatorship is upon you! Think about it. This is the same FBI that manufactured data leading to multiple impeachments by slim Dem-Marxist majorities in the House (with the help of treasonous RINOs. AND after the Election Coup, it is the same FBI that had plants among…

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FBI attack on Mar-A-Lago reminds immigrant of Cuba 1959

A lot of Americans are saying they woke up this morning, August 9, and did not recognize the country in which they have lived their entire lives.

I received a text from one friend whose family escaped Cuba before the communist revolution there. The text was very short:

“Cuba 1959.”

I believe there’s a lot of truth to the comparison.

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Anywhere else, as long as it does not involve me ….

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The Goomba Gazette

NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after second bus of migrants arrives: ‘This is horrific’

Mayor Adams accused Abbott’s administration of failing to notify New York when the buses are leaving

Hey Dude with the ear piece, you are the fools that put K J in office and support his incompetence

I said this so many times before; the idiots that initiated and approved of opening the floodgates and support the insanity of Kamikaze Joe, never thought it would affect them. Now that they are starting to feel the pinch they do not like it. As long as it affects everybody else in the country and not them, they could give a shit less.

Car-mella accurately said, you got what you voted for.

There should be more of the same, spreading the illegals around the country to all of these progressive cities. When it starts biting…

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Balladeer's Blog

On this 8th day of the 8th month, let’s take another look at some recent political cartoons.

This first one deals with the callous Joe Biden’s word games while the working class and the poor suffer under his policies.

biden recessionUp next is this non-cartoon reminder from Australia’s Ross McLean about the way China gets its money’s worth from Joe Biden.  

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Here we go again, Pence is part of the Elite RINO Republicans who keep butting into our Republican Party by splitting the votes and giving the Democrat’s the victory. Romney did it with Obama, McCain did it with Obama, and they stole the 2020 election – down and dirty. Since they can’t pull another steal – is Pence going to be working with Soros/Globalists to bring in money to work against Trump – if he runs. The Democrats are bound and determined to make this country a socialist country. Plain and simple.

Remember, Pence worked with the Democrats to give them the 2020 stolen election.

Also, we need a business man in the President’s office – not another thirty-year politician who makes promises he hasn’t been able to achieve in the past. No politician should stay in…

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Unprecedented action by our governing bodies…………high corrupt agencies. ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY!!

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Hmmmm. The most corrupt continue on as though they have nothing to fear. Why wouldn’t they, they’ve had nothing to fear as they protect one another, lie to We the People at every turn. The police state, the CORRUPT FBI…….have stepped into unchartered territory. Of course they’ll never have to justify or be honest about it…………..they’ll just respond with “We/I can not respond over an on-going investigation”. They’ll just do as they please as they have been since Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower. The most corrupt agency is charging full steam ahead in this Biden Administration POLICE STATE. Isn’t it interesting all this when it’s been announced 87,000 IRS agents will be hired. 87,000!!! That is 1,740 per state! They apparently anticipate coming after a lot. The rich? Not on your life. The middle class always pays the most. That is $2,610,000,000 at a very modest $30,000…

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How A Nation Dependent Only On Its Own Energy Became Dependent On Unfriendly Nations For Their Energy – Part Two

PA Pundits International

By Ronald Stein and Dr. Jay Lehr~

The Biden Administration and the United Nations support the ability of the banking industry and our investment giants to work together to reshape our economy and our energy infrastructure. They are usinga Chinese style scoring system where businesses are graded on theirmanagement of issues relating to the Environment, Social movements and how they Govern.

It is called ESG and is primarily aimed at making any investment or use of fossil fuels, coal, natural gas and oil as mistakes for companies hoping to gain investment on Wall Street. The Chinese do it with 600 million cameras on every street corner. They monitor the conduct of its citizens in order to determine what benefits or lack thereof would be allowed its citizens. ESG is copying that system. Organizations have been established to create the scores to punish business acting as…

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The Scientific Evil And Good We Do Lives On

PA Pundits International

By Dr. Jay Lehr~

Shakespeare said it in the play, Julius Cesar. We are surely witnessing this today as evil men and women will pass off our planet, leaving behind hundreds of millions of the Earth’s population in Energy Poverty. The essential value of energy is to allow humans to flourish (1) and enrich their quality of life by multiplying what their limited human abilities can perform independently. However, in this early period of the 21st century, our “designated experts” seized control of the reigns of progress for marching humanity back into the dark ages, ages of dogma, ages of short life expectancy, and grueling manual work needed to feed their families.

Why and who are these purveyors of darkness? I will name, but a few, and you can add to my short list of these human juggernauts which the poor across the world can only call evil. These…

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Bloomberg News Co-Founder Blames ‘Election Deniers’ For Americans Thinking Biden Economy Sucks

PA Pundits International

By Joseph Vazquez ~

Bloomberg News co-founder Matthew Winkler came out with one of the dumbest explanations for why consumers believe President Joe Biden’s economy stinks: Blame those darn 2020 “election deniers.”

Winkler published an op-ed for his liberal publication with an on-the-nose headline that smacked of lunacy: “Blame Election Deniers for Faltering Consumer Sentiment.”

According to Winkler’s senseless conflation, it’s “no wonder” that Americans despise the 40-year high inflation-rattled economy when “about 70% of Republicans believ[ed] incorrectly that Joe Biden lost the 2020 presidential election when he won it by more than seven million votes.”

According to Winkler, those pesky “Republicans denying the 2020 election are easy prey for mischievous economic messaging.”

It’s unclear how Winkler could make that connection in the face of U.S. GDP contracting in two consecutive quarters to meet the technical definition of a recession. Perhaps this could be the reason why at least 69…

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