Is Trump Endorsing The Best Candidates?

The Lone Cactus

There is no doubt that Donald Trump has been endorsing a ton of people this election cycle. And while most of the people he’s endorsing for Congress and the nation’s governor’s mansions have been non-incumbents, you have to ask yourself if they are actually the best candidates for the job?

Here in Arizona, Trump’s endorsed candidates swept through the primaries with wins. The closest contest was for Governor, where former newscaster, Kari Lake defeated businesswoman, Karrin Taylor Robson in a “too close to call race”. Polls leading up to the primary last Tuesday had Lake up by as much as 18 points, but she squeaked out a 2 point win that took four days to decide.

In Missouri, Trump made one of the weirdest endorsements I’ve ever heard of. He endorsed “Eric”. The problem was, there were two Eric’s in the race. Eric Greitens, was the former Governor of Missouri…

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