Random Thoughts On Mar-A-Lago Raid

The Lone Cactus

Was I outraged at the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s place Monday? I don’t think that was my emotion then or now. I thought it was very interesting. I had several thoughts run through my brain over the last day and a half. Here they are.

How stupid are the Democrats? Merrick Garland has to be a supreme idiot to think that raiding a former president’s residence was a smart move. Either that or there had to be some very, very damning evidence regarding Trump actually organizing the January 6th protest at the Capitol and telling the crowd to take it over. That’s the only thing I can think of WHY on earth you would be so foolish.

If I were Hunter Biden right now, I would be exceptionally worried. The FBI going to Trump’s house and raiding it, basically means that come January 21st, 2025, if the GOP wins…

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