Nigerian Security Expert Wonders About the Influence of Rishi Sunak’s Indian Heritage & Wife, Since India’s “Seemingly Supporting the Russians”; Boris Johnson Departure is “a Win for the Russians”

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It takes a Nigerian security expert, who worked in the UK, to raise the question that no one else dare raise: the influence of Rishi Sunak’s (Asian) Indian heritage and of his wife, a citizen of India, on UK relations with Ukraine and Russia, if Rishi becomes British Prime Minister. India, after all, is a longtime ally of Russia, and is seemingly taking Russia’s side. Furthermore, he points out that the departure of Boris Johnson is “a win for the Russians”. However, he doesn’t go so far as to ask if the cabinet coup against Boris, led by Rishi Sunak, was part of a Russian influence campaign.

Former British police officer, Vince Onyekwelu, discussing Ukraine and the campaign for Conservative leader-British Prime Minister on Channels TV Nigeria July 25 2022
Excerpt at 33 min 11 sec:
You’re a former British officer and I want…

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