Despite Wins, Biden’s Poll Numbers Crater

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Quinnipiac Poll just came out with their latest poll regarding presidential approval numbers. And despite the fact that Joe Biden seems to have had a pretty decent week or two lately, his numbers wouldn’t bear that out.

Overall, Biden’s approval numbers have fallen to 31%, his lowest ever. 94% of Republicans, 71% of Independents, and a whopping 67% of Democrats say Biden is doing a lousy job! He fared a little better among registered voters with 33% approving of his efforts and 59% against.

Biden’s handling of individual issues showed his weakness. Only 50% approved of his handling of COVID, with 43% against. 40% approve of the way he’s handling the Russia/Ukraine situation, 52% disapprove. On foreign policy, 33% approve, 62% disapprove.

But the two bottom categories are two categories that concern Americans most. On gun violence, Biden scores a 32% approval and 61% disapproval. And on the economy, which…

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Conservative Anger Condemned as Extremist Violence

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Actual Leftist Violence Ballyhooed as Necessary Transformation – Can ANYONE See the Hypocrisy?

By John R. Houk

© August 14, 2022

A roughly 8-minute video shows MSM brainwashing in full swing protecting corrupt FBI-Brown Shirts raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. Repeatedly using the threat to America’s “Democracy when in reality is a Representative (long ago diluted to nonexistence by a non-elected Bureaucracy) Republic. Thanks Vlad Tepes!


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First Published August 14th, 2022 14:59 UTC

We know this, but its good to have it this well laid out for those who still do not.

Notice over and over again the cherry-picking of info of Trump supporters calling for civil war or violence. WHAT A BUNCH OF LEFT-WING MARXIST HYPOCRITS! Has America and MSM propaganda mouthpieces forgotten so soon of the nationwide…

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Biden increases IRS agents to almost 170,000–70,000 will be armed…

H/T Arlin Report

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 •, Libby Emmons

“I’ve been calling it ‘bring back blackouts’ because it’s an attack on our energy independence. It’s going to raise taxes on Americans who make under $400,000 a year,” Greene said.

The poorly named Inflation Reduction Act, passed over the weekend by Senate Democrats, is slated to create positions for nearly 87,000 new IRS agents, 70,000 of whom will be armed.

This brings the total to nearly 170,000 under the bureau of tax collection. The cost of this new initiative will be about $80 billion, and it’s all part of a bill meant to lower costs to Americans.

This was noted as well by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who told The Post Millennial that “The bill is terrible. It’s basically Joe Biden Build Back Better agenda, that a lot of Republicans called ‘build that broke.”

The Joint Committee on Taxation has given an estimate of the plan…

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Greg Gutfeld: These new IRS agents will go after the little guy | Fox News

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I still haven’t got all the sand out of my but – terfly net. So the Dems passed a bill last night and just like what Joe passes after his morning mush, it’s far from solid and it stinks and it should be flushed immediately.

First of all, never trust anything that has more than one way to describe it, you know it’s called the Inflation Reduction Act, which is funny since no one knows how it actually reduces inflation. That’s like calling a hot fudge sundae, the Brian Stelter Reduction Act. Even Doc Brown admits it’s a ruse, but before he climbed back into his DeLorean.


BERNIE SANDERS:I want to take a moment to say a few words about the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. And I say so-called, by the way, because according to the CBO and…

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IRS Hiring Spree Is the Biggest Expansion of the Police State in American History – PJ Media

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The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency. It’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year — or $12,300 for every citizen — supposedly needs 80 battalions of new IRS cops.

The average American has less reason to be concerned about cops with guns — though the IRS is looking for special agents who can “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary” — than they do bureaucrats armed with pens who are authorized to sift through their lives. If you pay your taxes you have nothing to worry about, Democrats claim. But most law-abiding citizens know they have something to fear from a state agency that doesn’t concern itself with your due…

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Pelosi and Democrats Cheer After They Pass Massive ‘Bidenflation’ Bill – Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class During Recession – Create 87,000 IRS Jobs to Harass American Families (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

H/T Arlin Report

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The House of Representatives on Friday passed the $740 billion Bidenflation scam bill which will raise taxes on the middle class and make inflation worse.

The Senate passed the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ through budget reconciliation last week and Pelosi brought it to the House floor on Friday.

The House voted 220 to 207 on party line.

Not one Republican voted in favor of the bill.

The bill will allocate $369 million for ‘green energy’ – it’s actually just one big Marxist slush fund.

The bill will add87,000 new IRS employeesto harass and abuse working Americans and their political opponents.

The IRS is looking for new agents — including armed and fit federal tax agents who are “willing to use deadly force.”

The Duties also include “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”

The bill will now head to Joe Biden’s…

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Documents Trump Declassified in January 2021 Revealing FBI/DoJ Criminal Acts in Russian Collusion Hoax Missing.

H/T Arlin Report

Political Arena

Journalist John Solomon went to the National Archives to check on the documents that President Trump declassified in January of 2021. They are gone.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane records President Trump declassified in January 2021 are missing from the National Archives, taken by the Biden Justice Department. These are the documents that prove the FBI/DoJ manufactured the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

Copies of these documents were almost certainly held by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. 

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

WATERGATE! If you’re old enough to remember and too young to know, because the education system failed to teach the history of it………….it is a mild joke compared to the BULL SHIT of today!

OUR GOVERNMENT is as corrupt as any government in the history of the world.

All those 3 letter agencies………….The FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS lead the way in corruption. Criminal activity that is mob like.

I’ve been relatively quiet for quite sometime……………WELL I AM BACK………AND I AM HOLDING NOTHING BACK.

WE THE PEOPLE need to raid Hillary’s house, drag Hunter Biden out on the street from the house the Government is protecting him

in (yeah, he is being guarded because they believe they need to protect him from WE THE PEOPLE)……….they may be right! Then there is the BIG GUY……..JOE BIDEN himself………(Mr. 10% from all Hunter’s pay days with China, Ukraine and Russia). OHHHH! No wrong…

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A History Lesson Ahead Of Biden’s Green New Tax

PA Pundits - International

From the team at CFACT ~

By Larry Behrens:

The start of a new week brought a renewed sense of momentum for President Joe Biden’s administration and his allies in Congress. At long last, the months-long gridlock, caused by their own party, finally broke and another gusher of tax dollars appears ready to flood our country. Economic realities and those pesky inflation reports be damned.

Proponents have dubbed the bill the “Inflation Reduction Act” because they know it sounds better than the truth: “Biden’s Green New Tax.” History will be the judge about the wisdom of pouring trillions of dollars on an economy struggling with excessive spending. No matter how you slice it, with $369 billion dollars devoted to climate and energy programs, it’s clear there’s a lot on the line for the American taxpayer. If we want to know how the Biden Administration will dole out our dollars…

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