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The Republican leadership must make the Dem’s release all information to the public and explain this exploitation of power by the Democrats against our Constitutional rights by filing a lawsuit against them. . The FBI continues to intrude on our guaranteed rights. This intrusion went too far and it is now time to “cut out” their continued infringement on our rights. Enough is enough. |We cannot continue to allow them to get by with this harassment.



Former federal prosecutor reveals ‘powder keg’ in FBI raid on Trump

Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Pa John Roca/NY Daily News Arc

By ABC News
August 15, 2022 at 1:17 pm EDT
WASHINGTON — Last Monday, FBI officials raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla., executing a court-ordered search warrant the Department of Justice later revealed was related to possible violations of three…

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Trump has flipped the script. — Child Welfare and Family Law and Reform

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Aug 16 2022 By Connie Reguli Don’t be fooled by the lib media trying justify the Aug 8 2022 raid on Trumps home and office in Mar Largo. Although I don’t have the secret code to know what the FBI took from his private residence I do suspect that it included documents and records supporting[…]

Trump has flipped the script. — Child Welfare and Family Law and Reform

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Who is the cause of our problems today? This is how we got where we are today. Obama/Billary Clinton are the main source. For two terms these people manipulated the government into the ‘BIDEN EFFECT” by stealing the 2020 election and putting the country into our present situation.

How can we save our country in the mid term elections?

DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT. If you don’t like any Republican – HOLD YOUR NOSE AND VOTE FOR ONE. Because if you don’t – we will lose our country to the “smelly rat Democrats” who smell like sulfur.


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Citizen Tom

What Happened ToProductivity? should be a weird and unusual post, but we have such a lousy education system that it isn’t. Therefore, Lobotero can end his post with this absurdity.

Lots of excuses of why this is……excuses does not help the situation…..many blame the output of the workers….why? Workers only produce what they are told to produce…..

I still think that some sort of price controls would help me and my fellow Americans that are struggling with the situation these days.


We are supposed fix inflation with price controls? Workers only produce what they are told to produce? How can lobotero be serious? lobotero doesn’t understand basic economics; he apparently has no idea what causes inflation. Because our government educates us so poorly, most of us don’t even understand why our currency has value. So, here begins an explanation.

What Is Inflation?

Why is our money worth anything? We…

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Citizen Tom

In the first post of this series, Part 1, we considered the definition of inflation. Here we examine what our leaders are doing. Of course, the answer is not terribly complicated. They are recklessly spending lots and lots of our money. Thus, we have a question.

How Much Money Do Our Leaders Want To Spend?

Power-mad politicians (both in the Senate and the House) just passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” See the references at the end of this post.

The so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”is the compromise that resulted when a few Democrats balked at recklessly spending trillions instead of hundreds of billions. So, when the politicians we have foolishy elected have tried pass even more tyrannical laws and to spend even more of our money, I suppose we should thank the Lord for moderating their insanity.

Will the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” reduce inflation? Probably not. The so-called…

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What Would Global Decarbonization Actually Cost?

PA Pundits International

By Robert Lyman and Dr. Jay Lehr~

As those who write frequently on climate policy issues, we are often asked, What will decarbonization cost?. Decarbonization is the term used to refer to effectively eliminating emissions of greenhouse gases, usually measured in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent, allegedly to stop human-caused global warming. In practical terms, that means ending use of hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas, and coal), and the energy services provided by them. According to the agreement reached at the United Nations COP25 conference in Paris in 2015, the goal is to achieve decarbonization by 2050.

Looking back less than 200 years, we had a decarbonized society with no coal fired power plants, no natural gas power plants, and the Beverly Hillbillies had not yet discovered oil. Its easy to see how civilization has benefited from more than 250 leading-edge, hydrocarbon processing licensed refining…

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Patriot Humor – Inquisitive Minds Want To Know…

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Inquisitive Minds Want to Know…Plot Twist!I Identify As…It’s Trudeau‘Latinx’Zero CentsAll OutInflation Fact-CheckThinking About ItSums It UpYou KnowYeah, You DidThomas SowellThomas SowellAyn RandAre We In a Recession?Margaret MeadCartoons

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Are They Nuts?

The Lone Cactus

Oh, I think they are. But I’ll let you be the final arbitrator in that one. Let me tell you what’s going on in the wacky state to my left as we speak today. The County Board of Supervisors in San Bernadino County, California are considering and will have a second reading, a final reading and if both pass, a vote come November on a proposal for San Bernadino County to secede from California.

Here’s where that is crazy!

San Bernadino County is a small county located northeast of Los Angeles. About the biggest claim to fame of the country is it houses the original McDonalds’ Restaurant. Other than that it’s really not got a lot to it. . If San Bernadino County was to actually secede from California, they’d become basically have to be annexed by Arizona as they share a border just west of Lake Havisu City and…

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Liz Cheyney’s Political Death

The Lone Cactus

It all comes to an end for Liz Cheyney in Wyoming today. The daughter of former Vice President, Dick Cheyney has a huge uphill battle on her hand if she wants to continue with a fourth term in Congress next year. She is currently trailing Harriet Hageman in the Republican primary by some 28 points, with Hageman receiving almost 55% of the GOP primary vote. A different poll taken two weeks earlier had the gap at 22 points.

So, how did Cheyney get into this mess?
She did it basically with one simple vote and her steadfastness to that ideology since. She was one of ten Republicans that voted for impeachment after Donald Trump had left office. Of those ten, four decided not to run for reelection, three have lost their primaries (a rarity for an incumbent), and two won their primaries and will face the general election in November…

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