Biden ushers in an era of nuclear chaos and war

Adina Kutnicki


By Adina Kutnicki

NO one has ever accused this investigative journalist of pussyfooting around, in a manner of speaking. Effectively, there is no inclination for niceties, at least, when it comes to the cesspool of geo-politics and Islamic jihad, that is, the laser-like, focal points within.

IN this regard, when it comes to the puppeteer of the Biden regime, a/k/a Obama 3.0, no one with their full faculties (regardless of party affiliation) believes that the dementia patient is running things, let alone, any domestic or foreign policy decisions.

SO, to set the geo-strategic record straight, the following should be considered the lead-in to Caroline Glick’s on-target analysis — in so far that it exhibits the malevolence of Biden’s handlers, as they deliberately lead the world into the darkest period since World War ll.

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