The Lone Cactus

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Brian Stelter, the flamboyant, host of “Reliable Sources” got canned today at CNN. The program, which has lasted some 30 years also was cancelled.

Stelter as of late was trying to smooch up to new CEO, Chris Licht’s vision of a milder, more moderate and unbiased approach to news. He recently had slammed Democrats and the left on various topics, trying to show Licht that he could do what was required to fit the new CNN model.

It wasn’t enough.

Stelter came to CNN some nine years ago after leaving the New York Times as a media reporter. He clashed with several less than socialist media members and had a fire-brand approach to his show that the left-leaning snowflakes adored. They loved it when he bashed Donald Trump for four years.

But Stelter’s ratings had taken a beating lately. He was…

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