NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists — Reblog

Citizen Tom

We live in a divided nation. Why? We let politicians take over the education of our children. Nobody trusts politicians, but we did it anyway. Think about that. Nobody trusts politicians, but we put them in charge of our children.

So, what is happening now? The teachers unions — those people who are determined to buy the politicians who run our schools — are at war with the parents who actually care enough about their children to attend school board meetings. Victory Girls (victorygirlsblog.com) has written a post about the latest battleground in the conflict, NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists (victorygirlsblog.com). Here is how it starts.

Parents are extremists. That’s the entire premise of an ad that started running on Monday. An ad developed and paid for by the New Jersey Teachers Union.

Well, the NJ teachers union certainly tookMerrick Garland’s memoto heart. Any parent who pushes…

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Time Magazine Compares Liz Cheney Defeat To Stalinist ‘Disappearing’

PA Pundits International

By Tim Graham ~

We know that liberal journalists have descended into a nasty habit of associating the Democrats with democracy and the Republicans with authoritarianism. But Time magazine took it its illogical dead end: Liz Cheney getting trounced in an election was some sort of Stalinist liquidation.

The headline was “The GOP Just Borrowed a Soviet Skill and Disappeared Liz Cheney.” If you’ve been around a while, you know why this spin is funny. Time magazine made Mikhail Gorbachev the “Man of the Decade” and honored him as the “communist Pope and the Soviet Martin Luther.” So maybe Liz Cheney is their Gorbachev now. Don’t send her to Lithuania.

Philip Elliott (once an AP reporter) caustically wrote: “It’s not just the Soviets who are masters of disappearing someone. Just look at Wyoming, where voters this week drubbed a former senior member of the Republican establishment out of office…

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#KHive Abandoning Harris

The Lone Cactus

It’s no secret that K-baby Harris has become the least liked Vice President in American history. Her approval numbers are lower than Joe Biden’s, which is normal for any VP. In fact, NO Vice President has ever been more popular than the guy in the Oval Office.

But for K-baby, it appears that it goes much farther than a percentage of those approving of her efforts. It starts with the folks that have left her office. The count is now up to 12 staffers that have called it quits, including her Chief of Staff, Tina Flournoy. That’s 12 people gone in 14 months. And those that are left are shaking their heads and have their CV’s polished up and ready to hand out to anyone that would take a look at them.

But it goes farther than that.

Her own online army of supporters, the #KHive as their called, have…

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Patriots Arise Peacefully if Possible, IF NOT POSSIBLE…

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 20, 2022

Two posts that Americans should read:

“The Revolution” DiLorenzo is writing about IS NOT a violent Patriot uprising in response to the Dem-Marxist thought-to-be untouchable tyranny now being shoved down the throats of Americans who want nothing to do with Woke-Globalist-Marxist transformation. The Dem-Marxists are fully aware they control the government (Banana Republic) backed firepower to squash a citizen-Patriot uprising in order to complete their unconstitutional tyrannical dictatorship. Rather, “The Revolution” post marks down how Dem-Marxists have managed the system to exact a transformation revolution on Americans’ lives whether liked or not liked.

A time might arise for an armed civil war – 1776 style – but…

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WEF Announce Recruitment of ‘Information Warriors’ To Control the Narrative on Social Media

The Mad Jewess

WEF Announce Recruitment of ‘Information Warriors’ To Control the Narrative on Social Media

It’s really disgusting that this repulsive a$$wipe is dictating the net, now. But, he is because he is one of the antiChrists…

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REUTERS “FACT CHECK” Forced To Admit That Teens (1 In 6) Develop Heart Problems After The KILLER VACCINE

The Mad Jewess

“REUTERS FACT CHECK” Forced To Admit That Teens (1 In 6) Develop Heart Problems After The KILLER VACCINE

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive… More here: CLICK-

“Mild and temporary”….Really? How many people have dropped dead or got cancer, clots, etc?

Yeah that’s normal: three young German federal league (Bundesliga) soccer players diagnosed with testicular cancer in the last three months

Monday Digest: hospital settles vaccine mandate case, one-year-old baby’s arm amputated, and 8 more sudden deaths, including one who “died of joy”

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CDC Pushes for Hybrid “CovidPox” Vaccine

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

EVIL, thy name is CDC!

EFFECTIVELY, the agency tasked with fighting/controlling infectious disease is the purveyor/incubator for spreading whatever disease they are tasked to eradicate. Imagine that.

ALAS, working in this den of iniquity caused many scientists and health experts to, finally, resign their posts at the CDC, as well as at the equally noxious NIH — both of which are corrupt to the core, having sold their souls to Big Pharma. Clear as a bell.

AS to monkeypox, another sticky-wicket is very much in play, that is, PC madness!

GOT that?

IN other words, a two-fer concoction, a witch’s brew, is being designed at the CDC via a deadly hybrid cocktail, namely, “CovidPox!”

ONTO the crux and the thrust ….

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


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