#KHive Abandoning Harris

The Lone Cactus

It’s no secret that K-baby Harris has become the least liked Vice President in American history. Her approval numbers are lower than Joe Biden’s, which is normal for any VP. In fact, NO Vice President has ever been more popular than the guy in the Oval Office.

But for K-baby, it appears that it goes much farther than a percentage of those approving of her efforts. It starts with the folks that have left her office. The count is now up to 12 staffers that have called it quits, including her Chief of Staff, Tina Flournoy. That’s 12 people gone in 14 months. And those that are left are shaking their heads and have their CV’s polished up and ready to hand out to anyone that would take a look at them.

But it goes farther than that.

Her own online army of supporters, the #KHive as their called, have…

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