How Bad Is Abortion For Dems?

The Lone Cactus

In a word, terrible. First of all, there is a HUGE push to use abortion as a campaign issue in the midterms. We’re seeing it here in Arizona, where two separate PACs and Democrat Senator, Mark Kelly are hammering away at Republican challenger, Blake Masters for being pro-life.

They must not have gotten the memo.

Abortion, according to McLaughin & Associates is only tied for 8th in a list of campaign issues that are important to Americans. It’s got a whopping 5% who list it as the top issue, tying it with Honesty and Integrity, and Affordable Healthcare. Only 9% of Democrats listed it as the top issue, compared to 2% of Republicans and 3% of Independents.

But you never would have gathered that by the millions of ads we’re watching out here in the desert! You’d think there was no inflation and gas prices were 15 cents a gallon!…

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