INTEL Drop Predicted (NOT Prophesied) That Fauci Was “OUT” July 21, 2022. Intel Re. Podesta, Also:

The Mad Jewess

INTEL Drop Predicted (NOT Prophecy) That Fauci Was “OUT” July 21, 2022. Intel Re. Podesta, Also:

Hat Tip: Mitch M

I really am not totally familiar with this man in the video below but he is kicked into the political spectrum and seems to have some intel that is correct. He might be a political personality you may wish to followon Facebook. Just take heed…If he is hooked in to “Q”, guard your minds. There are quite a few psychic & foretelling types in the “Q” circle. They predict things coming that are not necessarily from the LORD but from intel. So: Take Heed. These ‘prophets’ are not true anointed prophets. Some just have inside info because they are former military & are receiving intel from all over the world.

As for Podesta…Who knows. These people get away with murder. So, we’ll wait and see.

Dr. Fauci Announces Resignation…

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