READ THE SMALL PRINT, nothing is free, nothing is really ever forgiven: Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

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When it comes to Joe Biden the small print to any order is nearly invisible. Much to be hidden. Another words it ain’t never as they make it appear to be. Number one, this is not (Student loan forgiveness) anything that Biden created. He is not the architect. His scum buddies are…..and there are many!

Lets get one thing……2 things clear: Nothing is free, nothing is ever totally forgiven, unless we are speaking biblical matters. This isn’t biblical. And, when they say the Fed is covering it on our behalf, that they are looking out for us, they will pay our way………….. these politicians act like everything forgiven (as they say) comes out of THEIR pockets. THE GOVERNMENT GETS THEIR MONEY FROM US, WE THE PEOPLE. Period! So, we pay! It’s just that the debt is spread around throughout. Robbing Peter to pay Paul! Now that part is biblical ………it’s…

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Raid Makes Him Stronger

H/T Citizen Tom

In Saner Thought

Over 300 classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago…..

The latest New York Times story about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid revolves around a key number: 300. As in, that’s how many classified documents the government has retrieved in total from former President Trump since he left office. The first was a batch of 150 recovered by the National Archives from Trump’s Florida estate early in the year, followed by a second set turned over by Trump aides in June. The number of sensitive documents in play after these first two retrievals “ignited intense concern at the Justice Department” and prompted the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago this month, during which another 11 boxes of classified material was retrieved.

The Times account is the most specific to date on the volume of classified documents Trump took with him from the White House, some of which had the highest level of classification. Trump’s defenders have…

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Biden’s ‘Forgiveness’ Of Student Loan Debt Isn’t Just A Bailout. It’s A Slap In The Face

PA Pundits International

By Mary Clare Amselem ~

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will launch a massive effort to “forgive” student loan debt for borrowers who still owe.

This plan isn’t just a bailout for well-off college degree holders. It’s a slap in the face for hardworking Americans.

President Joe Biden’s plan to “forgive” student loan debt may cost taxpayers roughly $300 billion at a time when they’re facing record inflation. Pictured: Education Secretary Miguel Cardona flanks Biden at the White House on Wednesday as the president announces the bailout. (Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s a slap in the face to the working-class father who dreamed of sending his daughter to college. He took on an extra shift at work, skipped vacations, and put off needed home repairs, all so that he could save every penny so that his daughter wouldn’t need to go into debt to go to school.

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“Inflation Reduction” Act Will Hinder EV Growth

PA Pundits International

By Ronald Stein ~

After his mandate to transition to electric vehicles (EVs), President Joe Biden then signed The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that requires EVs to contain a battery pack and other parts built in North America with minerals mined or recycled in America. With the chance of strip mining for lithium in America being slim to nil, no EVs will qualify for the tax credits in the IRA.

Biden’s goal of 50% EV sales by 2030 will test lithium supply chains and the economic strength of the American society to meet those projections without any subsidies to procure those vehicles.

While the race is on to produce more lithium in the United States as the supply chain for the major component of EV batteries, lithium, is already being compromised internationally. The following international dark clouds on the lithium supply chain may be a prelude to an American rejection…

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How To Solve The IRS Funding Debacle

The Lone Cactus

Part of the $300 plus billion dollar funding bill that Congress passed and Joe Biden signed as the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which it won’t do by the way, is the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents. Now, we’re being told that a lot of those 87,000 people aren’t going to be out on the street auditing your tax return. But a lot of them are. And I was surprised to learn that it’s not the uber-wealthy that are getting the bulk of the tax audits these days. It’s the people typically in the south, that have small incomes. Why you ask?
Because they don’t fight back against the IRS. It’s the Low Hanging Fruit Theory in full display.

But there is something Democrats who want to target the middle class tax returns are screaming about that doesn’t make any sense. They are supposed to be the party that “helps” the middle…

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Understanding TODAY Via the Plot to Cancel Trump

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 24, 2022

The Canada Free Press shared a RemnantTV video ( of Michael Mattlooking back to two years ago at a Davos Meeting which set the stage for Election Coup 2020 to remove President Trump from Office.

In full disclosure I have one HUGE beef with President Trump with his still (or at least as far as I know) promotion of mRNA Jabs. The Jab data is now flooding in so fast about horrendous side-effects and deaths that even the CDC has begun – though very quietly – to walk back some of its “safe and effective” claims. And by quietly, I mean the amplified use of double-speak.

Other Conservatives – and by “other” I’m excluding Establishment pseudo-Conservatives and RINOs who are closer to treasonous Dem-Marxists – and Patriots might have their own pet peeve issues with the 2020-deposed…

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End Of PAPER $ In UK (100 Days Left for Paper $ In Britain). Coming To USA, Also:

The Mad Jewess

End Of PAPER $ In UK (100 Days Left for Paper $ In Britain). Coming To USA, Also:

Just in time for the beast system to make their 666 chips for your wrist..

  • Warning:The current catastrophes areNOTgoing to disappear. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible:The King James Bible, daily.Or anyolderBible.The newer versions are watered down.You can also read from the Torah, Old Testament:English Bible..&
  • If you confess with your mouth & believe in your heart thatGOD raised Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ben Yosef from the dead, & live FOR him, you will be saved & go to paradise Heaven and be with GOD, forever and ever..

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FLASHBACK! Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is The Actual “Father Of The Vaccine”, Not Trump:

The Mad Jewess

Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS The “Father Of The Vaccines”, Not Trump:

I remember Trump calling himself the ‘father of the vaccine’…”Operation Warp Speed”.. Which we all know was BS. I mean...if you remember…it was Obama who started the modern vaccine hooplah, which is why the Left constantly nagged anti-vaxxers and mocked them.Right, Tiff?

Obama’s science advisors outline plan for faster pandemic vaccine: Lisa Schnirring and Robert Roos Aug 19, 2010 Aug 19, 2010 (CIDRAP News) – In light of vaccine production problems that delayed the delivery of the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, a report by President Barack Obama’s science advisers released today said targeted investments in five specific areas could trim the time needed to quickly produce enough to protect the nation by weeks or months: CIDRAP.

Sept 2009:


2015 – Obama: ‘Vaccinate your kids’

  • PS: I’m not ‘sticking up for Trump’. Im just telling you that…

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Globalist ‘death cult’ launches all-out war on the essential elements of life: MUST-WATCH VIDEO

The globalist assault on life is ratcheting up and attacking from all angles, like never before. This should signal us that we are in the end times and the enemy has triggered his end-game scenario. In baseball, you always save your best pitcher for the last inning, when you need to close the game out.

That’s what Satan is doing now. Amazingly, his minions actually think they can win and they’re throwing everything they’ve got at us, sending their best players and deceivers into positions. It’s late in the game.

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