READ THE SMALL PRINT, nothing is free, nothing is really ever forgiven: Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

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When it comes to Joe Biden the small print to any order is nearly invisible. Much to be hidden. Another words it ain’t never as they make it appear to be. Number one, this is not (Student loan forgiveness) anything that Biden created. He is not the architect. His scum buddies are…..and there are many!

Lets get one thing……2 things clear: Nothing is free, nothing is ever totally forgiven, unless we are speaking biblical matters. This isn’t biblical. And, when they say the Fed is covering it on our behalf, that they are looking out for us, they will pay our way………….. these politicians act like everything forgiven (as they say) comes out of THEIR pockets. THE GOVERNMENT GETS THEIR MONEY FROM US, WE THE PEOPLE. Period! So, we pay! It’s just that the debt is spread around throughout. Robbing Peter to pay Paul! Now that part is biblical ………it’s…

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