Politically Diseased NY Times Sees ‘Racism, Stigma And Fear’ In Name ‘Monkeypox’

PA Pundits International

By Clay Waters ~

New York Times Health and Science reporter Andrew Jacobs made the August 24 edition with a ridiculous and ideologically diseased story on monkeypox, “Racism, Stigma and Fear: Why Experts Want Monkeypox Renamed.”

Are monkeys spreading monkeypox to humans?

Researchers say the answer is no. But recently in Brazil, the unfounded fear that monkeys transmit the virus to people has spurred an outbreak of violence against marmosets and capuchin monkeys, leading to the death of at least seven animals, according to Brazilian officials.


Just as the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918 wasn’t born on the Iberian Peninsula, the spread of monkeypox has little to do with monkeys. In fact scientists say that rodents are the most likely animal reservoir for the virus, which is a cousin of smallpox that made its first recorded leap to humans decades ago in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But in 1958, when…

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