Sean Hannity: This is what the FBI has been reduced to?

H/T Arlin Report

Iowa Independents Blog

The recent revelations by whistle blowers that agents were told to ignore Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 shed real light on what’s been going on at the FBI. Not only were they told to ignore plain as day evidence, they actively went out to spread disinformation as in working with Facebook to censor reports on the laptop as it was “Russian disinformation”, when in fact they knew it wasn’t.

Its easier to read the tea leaves now. We can see the 800 FBI files on Republicans to the Clinton White House wasn’t a mistake. Its easy to see the lawless mindset within the FBI with the documented wire taps and psy-op on MLK’s family. It makes accusations of involvement in the JFK assassination very plausible. And J Edgar’s control through blackmail of the Washington establishment.

Not to mention their completely illegal assassinations of Americans at Ruby Ridge and Waco.


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