While Rest Assured It Can Never Happen, What Would Global Decarbonization Actually Cost? Part III

PA Pundits International

By Robert Lyman and Dr. Jay Lehr~

The Future

Even more guesswork is involved in estimating the costs that the countries of the world will bear to attain decarbonization by 2050. The International Energy Agency in 2021 projected that, to achieve a clean energy pathway, international public finance would have to provide about $40 trillion by 2030 and about $4 trillion per year from 2031 to 2050.[8]

The political class obsession in the wealthy countries to lower emissions with subsidizing expensive and utterly unreliable breezes and sunshine to generate electricity, and divesting in fossil fuels, have already put the cost of electrical power and fuel out of the reach of the poorest in the developed first world countries. The richer countries that have gone greennow have higher prices for gasoline per gallon and import crude oil to meet the demands of their…

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