New “Congestion” Tolls For NYC Coming Soon

PA Pundits International

By Peter Murphy~

Never underestimate politicians’ rapacious appetite for taxpayer (or “borrowed”) cash. It is insatiable so much so that many of them will flagrantly lie to get more. More cash means more money to spend to garner votes at election time and to pay-back political contributors. In a word, more taxpayer cash means more power for politicians.

Yet another example of this on a local level is occurring in New York City where the politicians are set to impose the nation’s first “congestion pricing” tolls next year on cars and trucks to enter the busy borough of Manhattan, from 60th street (midtown) to the southern tip of the island.

The new “congestion” tolls to enter Manhattan will be anywhere from $9 to $23 or more on the driver of every car and truck each time they enter the zone, depending on time of day and vehicle size…

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