Biden is despicable

Biden is despicable. He said in his speech today Sept. 1 that one party, meaning the Republican party believes that you win or you were cheated. The fact of the matter is Biden’s party the Democrats won only because they cheated.

Ask Joe – YOU Might be a Threat to Dem-Marxist Rule

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

By John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© September 2, 2022

I make it a habit to not tune into anything Dementia Biden, Dem-Marxists or Dem-Marxist Propagandists broadcast. The reason: THEY ARE ALL UNTRUSTWORTHY LIARS!

So, I missed Thursday’s (9/1) Dementia Joe broadcast to his gullible Sheeple – AW SHUCKS. Nevertheless, I did catch some of the criticism of the vilification of Trump Supporters. AND by Trump Supporters, you realize that was nearly 75 MILLION voters the Election Coup traitors allowed to be recorded. It was probably more but the CORRUPT States stopped the count to either erase, switch or fabricate votes to add up to the MYTHICAL 81 million that ONLY the gullible believe Dementia Biden achieved.

AGAIN! Old Joe lied through his teeth. Here’s a One-minute video of the speech showing Joe lying about MAGA violence on one-half the screen while the other half shows Dem-Marxist Antifa/BLM Storm Troopers…

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FBI Still Stalking Mar-a-Lago … What’s Going Down?

Adina Kutnicki


By Adina Kutnicki

THE FBI, a fully captured deep state agency— since HUSSEIN Obama’s 2-term transformative takeover — should be considered a weaponized, policing arm of the Executive Branch and no longer the guardian and steward of domestic security. As it stands, their orders are to spy on, and to act with force against, anyone who dares to defy the reigning deep state. Similarly, every agency under their control is equally anti-conservative Americans. Yes, half of the population is the de facto enemy! Nazi-like.

STILL yet, if anyone was a “Doubting Thomas” before, well, 

TO wit, could the war-cry against half of America be any starker — with taking out Trump, by any means necessary, the central target??

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REAL RAW NEWS| By Michael Baxter | September 1, 2022

It’s been almost a month since the FBI unlawfully raided and ransacked President…

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