The Prince of American Darkness Speaks

H/T Arlin Report

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Whenever Joe Biden’s caretakers let him out in public, his blunders and feebleness are commonly ridiculed. That belies the depth of the awful nature of the man throughout his political career. I talk back to his speeches every time with fact checks and intend to offer you a live-running comment if there is interest among you. In the meantime, I provide this reaction to another contemptible lie-filled moment in Biden politics.

Was the strange light from the marine guard on the president’s right side beaming the speech to him? Seriously, though, there are so many issues with that speech it’s hard to choose where to begin. Let’s start with two actions common to every Biden event. Why does he need his wife to help him walk? Is he too feeble? Would he wander away? Secondly, there is the lingering cough. Is he dying? Or is he hacking up because he…

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