After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs | DC Clothesline

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(Natural News) After two and a half years of weaponizing public health messages and destroying the very fabric of society, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has decided that natural immunity works better than the COVID jabs. The CDC is now promoting an “anti-vax” message that they aggressively censored, disparaged and attacked since 2000.The CDC updated their guidelines in August 2022, asking for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated to be treated equally throughout society.

Since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, the CDC lied about the immune system, natural exposure and available treatments, while declaring the unvaxxed “public health threats” and threatening their very participation in society.

Good people, from teachers and nurses, to police officers and service members, lost their jobs for not taking a fake vaccine or submitting to coercive bodily mandates. Theoh-so unifyingBiden administration ridiculed, mocked and fired Americans, threatening their…

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TREASON: Biden Administration & Senior Government Officials Pressured Facebook, Meta, Google, and Others Into Silencing Conservative Voices

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Tweet According to documents released on August 31, more than 50 Biden administration officials across a dozen agencies have been involved with efforts to pressure Big Tech companies to crack down on alleged misinformation. The documents show that senior officials in the U.S. government, including White House lawyer Dana Remus, deputy assistant to the president…

TREASON: Biden Administration & Senior Government Officials Pressured Facebook, Meta, Google, and Others Into Silencing Conservative Voices

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Biden’s Criminal Presidential Victory IS STILL PAINFUL TO THE CIVILIZED!

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September 4, 2022

I Feel the Earth Move Under my Feet

By Deana Chadwell at American Thinker:

This has been happening with alarming frequency: unprecedented, unlawful, horrifying events. The 2020 election left me staggered. I knew the “reality” of the Biden “win” wasn’t even remotely real and yet there it was. I started pinning my hopes — thin as they were — on brave and desperate lawsuits, but little by little we realized that the courts weren’t going to solve this one. So we started looking to the certification process on January 6thof 2021. Surely sanity would return then.

But the events of that day shook all rational people to their core. The thinking right had no reason to break into the capitol — the process, if allowed to play out, could very well have put a halt to the Big Steal. But somebody thought the onslaught was…

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Joe’s Been Crooked Much Of His Life. Now He’s SENILE BUT VERY CROOKED!

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Joe Biden Demonizes Trump Supporters in Unhinged Prime Time Diatribe: ‘MAGA Forces’ Are ‘a Threat to this Country;’ ‘Fanning Flames of Violence’

By Debra Heine at American Greatness:

September 1, 2022

In a prime time speech to the nation Thursday night, Joe Biden targetedabout half of the citizensin the United States with an unhinged message of condemnation, calling those who support former President Donald Trump “MAGA forces” who are a “threat to this country.”

The Biden White House has sharpened its attacks against its political enemies in recent weeks, calling out Trump supporters a far-right “extremist threat” to Democracy who are motivated by an ideology of “semi-fascism.”

To justify the attacks, the White House has cited what it calls “attempts to undermine the right to vote (voter integrity laws that most Americans support), support for laws banning or restricting abortion, and talk of repealing gay marriage.

Biden’s speech…

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Jesse Watters: I’ve had more people in my backyard barbeque than that Biden rally

Trump crowd celebrating.

Did you see anything but vitriol at Biden’s hate America event.


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Citizen Tom

A 19th-century example of a wood-burning stove. (from Wood-burning stove (

I got a request from The Night Wind to hear my thoughts getting inflation under control. I consider inflation primarily as the manifestation of a moral problem. We like to blame the big banks, financial cartels, and politicians. We like to blame some enemy, but the real problem is us. We don’t care enough about each other to work together and get the problem under control. Instead, we stovepipe ourselves, each into our own special interest groups.

The purpose of a stovepipe is to vent all those toxic combustion gases from the fire chamber of a stove. However, the word “stovepiped” also means something that many may find an unexpected surprise.

Definition ofstovepiped

:…isolated in a way that hinders communication and cooperation with others…

//the Patriot Act is an important change in the law that will allow the…

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Don’t Be Afraid. We Are At War.

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This post is my darkest and scariest post I’ve written so far.
My intentention is not to scare you but to warn and prepare you.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
I’m no prophet and everything I write are my own conclusions based on my observations and my analysis.
I’d rather be wrong and make a fool of myself than be right and see the expected disaster become reality.

This is also my last post for at least the next months. I have to take care of some urgent private business which will take up much of my time. Nothing to worry. Just a lot of work.
Also, I will have to focus all my energies to prepare for the coming winter. Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be a big thing but, as you might know, here in Germany we have not only a completely incompetent goverment but also…

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Citizen Tom

While I was commenting on Don’t Be Afraid. We Are At War. (, I had what struck me as a relatively original thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has gotten this idea before, but I have never heard anybody put it quite this way.

What happens during a war? We use wars to resolve our differences. Our most grievous differences involve settling differences over right and wrong. These are matters of the soul, not the courtroom. These are metaphysical differences, not a search for the facts of a matter.

Our wars are about differences are over what constitutes a crime. What is determined in a courtroom is whether a crime was committed and who is guilty of the act.

Consider that good and evil represent differing ideologies. In the Christian world view, it is good to love God and obey His commands. However, Satan differs with God. His ideology is…

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Do We REALLY Need Labor Day?

The Lone Cactus

I don’t think so. Oh, I’m not suggesting that we take away a holiday! God forbid! And that would actually fly in the face of “Labor Day”, wouldn’t it? But what I think we need to do is to refocus our efforts in this time of being “woke” and “politically correct”. Let’s get it right, there’s nothing correct about most unions today. I’m talking most. Not all. The trade unions provide a very valuable education and career to a lot of people that work with their hands, be they plumbers, or electricians, or carpenters or the like. What I’m talking about is a bunch of unions out there who have nothing better to offer their members than a strike every few years, and maybe a 3-10% raise at contract time.

Why are we celebrating unions in the first place?

Of course it was to celebrate all that unionized labor had…

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Shooting Themselves In The Foot

The Lone Cactus

You almost have to laugh at the intensity that Democrats are trying to lose, not only this fall, but in 2024. I know what the pundits are saying. They keep harping on the narrative that the races are all tightening, and that the red wave may not be so blood red after all. I know I’ve written about how some of the Senate races are not that close. Well, they’re closing. And it looks like the Dem’s are pulling a play out of the old GOP playbook and are shooting themselves in the foot.

A lot of it has to do with Joe Biden.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Democrats thought that it would be the lynchpin in the Republicans chances to getting Congress back. Certainly no one would vote Republican in the tight Senate races! And here in the AZ, Mark Kelly is using two issues…

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