How Close Is the USA to Criminalizing Biblical Christianity?

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© September 7, 2022

Even as the handlers had Dementia Joe declare Conservatives, Patriots and Biblical Christians (you know, those fellas standing with the Creator that Homosexual marriage and pedophilia is godlessness) who more than likely support the MAGA movement as enemies of the State; I found contrasting narratives about teachers refusing to be coerced into using transgender pronoun idiocy.

Evidently some portions of America still adhere to the rule of law as a Court forced a Kansas school district to pay a teacher they suspended for refusing to use transgender pronouns an award of $95,000.00 bucks: “Kansas School District Pays $95K Settlement After Suspending Teacher For Not Using Preferred Pronouns.”

SADLY, the rule of law in Ireland chooses to side with the godless as an Irish school teacher who refused to comply with transgender pronouns was taken to an Irish…

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