GoF (COVID & Spanish Flu) – Jab Ineffective – Gates Sued in India

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John R. Houk, Blog Editor

September 9, 2022

I’ve got some crazy yet relevant info on American (as in sponsored by the US. Government meaning taxpayer funded) Gain of Function (GoF) dangerous experimentation shared by Dr. Mercola. THEN some Jab facts which We The People are being LIED to as in “safe and effective”.

Sheeple need not read because they would rather believe science liars.

JRH 9/9/22

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Scientists Have Recreated World’s Deadliest Flu Virus

Spanish Flu Virus Recreated

Analysis byDr. Joseph Mercola

September 8, 2022



  • Scientists…

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Another JABBED Person Apologizes To the Unjabbed For Mocking Them:

The Mad Jewess

Another JABBED Person Apologizes To the Unjabbed For Mocking Them:

This is sad because no matter what, he will suffer the effects of this horrible DNA changing vaccine. People really need to learn to THINK before they act. Unfortunately, too many times, they just don’t.

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The Hidden/Untold Phenomenon of Violent Women Abusing Men & Ensuing Male Silence

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki


TWO main biases keep males silent, that is, when being abused by violent, aggressive female partners. 

ON the one hand, it is drilled into the social consciousness that women are akin to the “fairer-sex”. On the other, men are programmed to be dominant brutes. Hogwash. Bizarro.

IT is alongside said mantra that movements (by femi-nazis, with the support of metro-sexual males) have formed to gang-bang on so-called “toxic masculinity”, as if comparable to the plague! No kidding.

MOST militant are the #ME TOO banshees — shrieking to the high heavens about anything oozing masculinity, as if that’s a negative. But if one exhibit smacks of banshees gone wild,

STILL yet, what makes it easier for men to fall prey, to become ensnared by an aggressively violent woman, is…

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