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It’s no secret that the Liberals are waging a war on America and Trump Supporters. They lied and said Biden would unite us and was put into office through fake methods..

In fact, the reason why Biden wanted to withdraw troops before US civilians from Afghanistan and ultimately resulted in the Taliban taking over Afghanistan so quickly was simply because the Democrats rejected Trump’s original negotiated plan to leave.

Due to the Democrats relentless war on Donald Trump and everything he represents, Afghanistan has now fallen, and this is arguably the biggest embarrassment to the American military ever since the Vietnam war.

Make no mistake, the Democrats and Joe Biden are against everything Donald Trump stood for, because only he put America First.

As such, we can no longer stand back and watch the values that founded this great nation being trampled on any further.

As a proud American in…

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Citizen Tom

Here is the fourth post in this series.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: How Much Money Do Our Leaders Want To Spend?
  • Part 3: What Additional Factors Can Produce Inflation?

In this post we will consider the foolishness of price controls.

What Is Wrong With Price Controls?

What Happened ToProductivity?ends with this nonsense.

I still think that some sort of price controls would help me and my fellow Americans that are struggling with the situation these days.

What Happened ToProductivity?

What is wrong with price controls? Price controls don’t work. Price controls don’t even work in theory. Consider the most basic law of economics.

What Is the Law of Supply and Demand?

The law of supply and demand combines two fundamental economic principles describing how changes in the price of a resource, commodity, or product affect its supply and demand.

As the price increases, supply rises…

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DeSantis Touts Florida’s Successes, Paints Stark Contrast With Blue States

PA Pundits - International

By Jarrett Stepman ~

MIAMI—Florida has become a “refuge of sanity in a world gone mad.”

That was the assessment of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., in remarks Saturday evening at the third National Conservatism Conference here in Miami.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis—seen here speaking in Geneva, Florida, on Aug. 24—told the National Conservatism Conference on Saturday night that refugees flocking there from blue cities and states are making the Sunshine State a “promised land” for record numbers of people. (Photo: Paul Hennessy/ SOPA Images/Light Rocket/Getty Images)

DeSantis’ speech focused on the core theme of how Florida has become a bastion of liberty—a refuge for those seeking better governance and a freer life. He said that his state, in many ways, has gone in the opposite direction compared with many other states and the federal government.

“It is said that our federalist system creates ‘laboratories of democracy’ where different states can…

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Is Net Zero Emissions The Trojan Horse For Society?

PA Pundits - International

By Ronald Stein ~

The transition to electricity generation from breezes and sunshine has proven to be ultra-expensive for the wealthy countries of Germany, Australia, and the USA representing 6 percent of the world’s population (505 million vs 7.8 billion). Those wealthy countries now have among the highest cost for their electricity, while the poorer developing countries, currently without the usage of the 20th century products manufactured from crude oil, are experiencing about 11,000,000 child deaths every year due to the unavailability of the fossil fuel products used in wealthy countries.

High electricity costs trickle down to everything in our daily lives, from the cost of food, lumber, and services, and ultimately to the high cost of living and housing and perpetuates the rise in homelessness and poverty.

The intermittency of weather generated electricity has resulted in the “nameplate” generating capacity of wind turbines and solar panels being a farce capacity to…

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Dem’s SECRET Plan To Win In November

The Lone Cactus

I will hand it to the Democrats. They are very good at coming up with playbook pieces that seem to work. You can go back to the 1992 presidential election and understand what I’m talking about. Do you remember James Carville’s famous quote, “It’s the economy, stupid”? Democrats won that election because they hammered home what they felt was important. It was the economy. Actually, not so much with Bush 43, but it worked. Later, Clinton was able to add to that playbook item. If you tell a lie enough times, people start to believe it. That’s what got him reelected.

Well, this year, the Democrats have a play that is well underway. We’re seeing it every single day.

Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail for the last month not necessarily campaigning for Democrats because there are tons of Dems’ that don’t want to be seen with him…

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Biden’s Victory Lap Stumbles

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden has had a really rough 20 months in office. He has totally ignored the crisis at the southern border. In fact, he never even called it a “crisis”. But some of his staff did. He basically broke the printing press at the US Mint, by running it for 20 months straight. The economy, regardless what you hear from Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellin, is in recession (as defined by HER back when she was heading up the FED). Who can forget Biden’s horrific stumble with the Afghanistan withdrawal just over a year ago…a debacle that cost 13 American lives and countless Afghans their life. He’s basically been wrong on every single foreign policy issue he’s commented on during his entire career.

And I haven’t even scratched the surface with the whole Hunter Biden fiasco.

No, Joe Biden hasn’t had a very good presidency. I don’t care how he or…

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Blinken: Iran ‘unwilling or unable’ to finalize nuclear talks, deal ‘unlikely’ 


Source: Blinken: Iran ‘unwilling or unable’ to finalize nuclear talks, deal ‘unlikely’ | The Times of Israel

US secretary of state accuses Tehran of introducing extraneous issues in negotiations; State Department denies Israeli claims US is giving up on the talks

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, right, leave a joint news conference in Brussels on September 9, 2022, a day after US Secretary of State's unannounced visit to Ukraine. JONATHAN ERNST / POOL / AFP)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, right, leave a joint news conference in Brussels on September 9, 2022, a day after US Secretary of State’s unannounced visit to Ukraine. JONATHAN ERNST / POOL / AFP)

In light of Iran’s latest reply to a draft proposal by the European Union, prospects for the revival of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in the near future are not looking good, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday evening.

“Iran seems either unwilling or unable to do what’s necessary to reach an agreement and they continue to try to…

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In Iran, Israel Has Everyone Rattled


Article from July, has some very interesting details in it. Taken from jihadwatch.org 27 July 2022.

Ever since Israel introduced a computer worm into Iranian computers that caused more than a thousand Iranian centrifuges to speed up and destroy themselves, in an operation that has entered history as Stuxnet, Israel has been performing acts of derring-do that have, through cyberwarfare, sabotage, and assassinations, rattled Iran’s leaders. Between 2010 and 2012, four of Iran’s top nuclear scientists were assassinated, one after the other, in the middle of Tehran traffic, by a man (or sometimes two) on a motorbike who pulled up alongside their cars and let loose a volley of shots, then rode off through that traffic. None of the killers has been found. In 2018, 20 Mossad agents managed to break into a nondescript building in central Tehran, blast their way through 32 steel doors, and seize the entire nuclear…

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