“Fueling” A Counter-Revolution In Europe: Can It Happen Here?

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

Shades of Emanuel Macron! California Governor Gavin Newsom has horrified his core constituency by announcing his state will NOT be shutting down the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The state legislature, perhaps remembering that power outages two decades ago led to Gov. Gray Davis being recalled, voted to extend the life of the plant until 2030, only because of an urgent need to boost uncertain grid reliability:

The last-minute decision not to close Diablo Canyon, for now reverses the anti-nuclear trend begun by Boy Governor Jerry Brown in the 1970s that stopped all new construction and eventually led to the closure of power plants at San Onofre and Rancho Seco.

Across the United States, according to the fifth annual ecoAmerica surveysupport for nuclear energy has risen to 60% (up from Gallup-reported 51% in 2015. Business Wire says support for nuclear has never been…

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Israeli Ministry Is Lying to the Jewish People In Israel Re Vaccine Side Effects:

The Mad Jewess

Israeli Ministry Is Lying to the Jewish People In Israel Re Vaccine Side Effects:

I feel terrible for Israeli people and western countries in general. We are subjected to EVIL governments.

Israel is no different: Report: Leaked Video Shows Israeli Ministry of Health’s Plan to Manipulate Expert Report on Adverse Events to Avoid Lawsuits; Experts Found Serious Safety Issues – Lied to Public

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