Well, I Apparently Am ..

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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

A Domestic Terrorist!!

Merrick Garland and his DOJ may consider you a threat to democracy and potential domestic terrorist for any of the following and may sic the FBI on you:

1-If you consider the 2020 elections were fraudulent
2- If you dare to fly a “Don’t Tread on Me ” flag or sport a license plate stating the same.
3-If you speak out against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools or transgenderism and homosexuality to pre-teens. 4-If you support the sending of illegal immigrants to blue cities. 5- If you suggest you are not interested in the purchase of an electric car. 6-If you purchase any products from My Pillow or read Mike Lindell’s book. 7-If you are seen in public wearing a red MAGA hat or other Maga clothing
8-If you enjoy eating red meat, especially beef. 9-If you place a sign in your yard promoting…

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Trump Scores Two Huge Victories In Fight For Special Master

BY: MARGOT CLEVELAND at the Federalist:

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022


Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the Department of Justice—unless the Biden administration played fast and loose with the facts.

Author Margot Cleveland profile


The Biden administration cannot use the documents the FBI seized from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for criminal investigative purposes until a special master completes an independent review of the material, a federal judge held on Thursday.

That decision and the court’s selection of Trump’s preferred special master candidate, coupled with the fulsome review process adopted yesterday by presiding Judge Aileen Cannon, represent a huge victory for the former president. But Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the Department of Justice—unless the Biden administration played fast and loose with the facts and seeks to hide the truth from the country to launch an October surprise.

During the August…

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Katie Pavlich: If you’re going to investigate DeSantis for kidnaping, you have to investigate Joe Biden | FOX news

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Katie Pavlish discussed how Gavin Newsom asked the DOJ to consider kidnapping charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of state on “Gutfeld!”


KATIE PAVLICH: Also, if you’re going to investigate DeSantis for kidnapping, you have to investigate Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS secretary, because they’ve been flying illegal immigrants to cities across the country for a year and a half in the middle of the night and dropping them off and bussing them wherever they want to go. So if DeSantis is engaged in kidnapping, so are these other folks. It’s just that DeSantis and Greg Abbott, for example, are bringing this out in the light for everybody to see. And it’s amazing to watch the way this works, right? 


Source: Katie Pavlich: If you’re…

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Citizen Tom

Who said that?

“H/T” to Liming’s Links => What Will A Second Trump Term Look Like? (limingslynkz.com)

Here is John‘s source: Former Trump adviser had ‘chilling’ prediction for second term — and compared him to a velociraptor in Jurassic Park (rawstory.com).

Here is how this pathetic excuse for news begins.

On Friday, The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser reported that a senior national security official had a dire description of how bad a second Donald Trump term would be if he wins back the presidency in 2024.

Former Trump adviser had ‘chilling’ prediction for second term — and compared him to a velociraptor in Jurassic Park (rawstory.com)

The story begins right at the get-go with an unnamed source. Then the author begins trying to smear Trump. Haven’t we had enough of such poor excuses for news? A third grader could do better and more honorably. Unfortunately, that so-called reporter is just imitating what passes…

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California Is Both Increasing Electrical Demand And Cutting Off Access To Electricity Sources

PA Pundits - International

By Katie Tubb ~

California may be a trendsetter or bellwether in many ways, but after 10 grid alerts and emergency declarations in as many days, let’s hope that’s not the case when it comes to energy and climate policy.

A photo illustration depicts electric power infrastructure and a phone showing an emergency alert notification from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services urging the public to conserve energy to protect health and safety as the electricity grid was strained by a heat wave in Los Angeles on Sept. 6. (Photo: Patrick Fallon/AFP/Getty Images)

Over the past two weeks, shortly after state bureaucrats finalized a regulation banning sales of gasoline-powered cars after 2035, Californians received emergency notices from the state’s regional grid operator (the “referee” responsible for grid reliability) to curtail electricity use in hopes of avoiding blackouts.

Record high demand during a heat wave strained the electric grid to…

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Plan Pushes “Rewilding The American West” – Why Stop At The West?

PA Pundits - International

By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~

A group of academics and environmentalists is proposing reintroducing wolves, beavers, and a host of other animal and plant species on broad swaths of federal land in the West, touting it as a way to mitigate drought, wildfires, and, of course, climate change.

“Beyond concerns for human survival and flourishing, a principled commitment to the natural world and a sense of moral urgency underpins the motivation for our proposal,” the authors write. Their study, “Rewilding the American West,’ was inspired by the Biden White House’s “30×30 Plan,” a scheme to “protect” “at least” 30 percent of the nation’s lands and waters by 2030.

“In general, rewilding aims to reestablish vital ecological processes that can involve removing troublesome nonnative species and restoring key native species,” the study says. “Our rewilding call is grounded in ecological science and is necessary regardless of changing political winds.”

Under the…

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NY Times Paints Gov. DeSantis As Right-Wing Strongman, ‘Crush[ing] Adversaries’

PA Pundits - International

By Clay Waters ~

Another day, another Ron DeSantis hit piece in a major newspaper. “Is Ron DeSantis the Future of the Republican Party?” by New York Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer is set to appear in the September 18 Sunday Magazine, posing the question: Will Florida’s governor throw his hat in the ring for president, even if Donald Trump runs as well?

After some preamble, Flegenheimer sets the scene for his long analysis, in which DeSantis comes off perversely well, despite the reporter’s attempt to paint him as a right-wing strongman.

….He has for years merrily shunned the perspectives of moderating influences and gentle dissenters and found himself validated at every turn, his recent history a whir of nominally risky choices — expert-snubbing Covid policies, an uppercut at one of his state’s largest private employers, a long-shot bid for the office he holds — transmogrified to pure…

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Here’s What America Thinks Midterms Are About…

The Lone Cactus

I’ve spouted off pretty regularly now about how the GOP isn’t getting their message across, and how the Dems are trying to make this about abortion and taking away Social Security. Well, that’s nice that the parties are trying to define the election, but in essence, that’s not what matters. It matters what the PEOPLE think the midterms are all about. And it’s a pretty interesting comment.

It’s a referendum on Joe Biden.

At least that’s what 46% of the respondents to a survey taken by Rasmussen say. 40% say it’s about candidates and local issues, and 14% aren’t sure (still on summer break?).

A solid 50% of the 1,000 people surveyed said that if the Republicans win the House or Senate, that Joe Biden should temper his politics and become much more moderate.

So, what does that all mean? If a plurality of voters think that it’s all about…

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