The Landmark Forum: A Worldwide “Self-Transformation” Program. A Cult.

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

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AS an experienced investigative journalist, all manner of projects land in this lap. But, as any professional with an ounce of integrity realizes, it is best to stay in one’s (expert) lane, in a manner of speaking. Yes, the lanes within can be gleaned within the above link.

EVEN so, exceptions are made to certain queries. This is one of those times. Indeed, a multi-level (no pun intended) backgrounder is in order to set the stage.

FIRST things first. For the record, too: The Landmark Forum is a worldwide, tentacled Multi-Level Marketing pyramid, a/k/a MLM. But what remains front and center re its dangerous effects is its cult-like attributes. No doubt.


Suppressed CBS News 60 Minutes on Landmark cult leader Werner Erhard, 3 Mar 1991


The ZIP archive presents the video and transcript of an investigative report into “est” (Erhard Seminars Training) guru Werner…

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