Energy Realism – How Much Energy Will The World Need?

PA Pundits International

By Anton Lang ~

I recently came across the link to this video at one of the sites I visit on a daily basis.

It piqued my interest, because I write solely about renewable energy and how it fails to do what is claimed on so many levels. I knew nearly all of what is spoken about in this video, but writing about is one thing.

This video is in a format where it is explained a little easier than just blandly writing about it.

There’s not much I can add, except to say that the video is well worth your time to watch it.

Link to Video at You Tube

This video was posted to You Tube by PragerU

Anton Lang uses the screen name of TonyfromOz, and he writes at this site, PA Pundits International on topics related to electrical power generation, from all sources, concentrating mainly on…

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Trump Indictment?

The Lone Cactus

It’s looking more and more that Donald Trump may indeed get indicted by the Department of Justice over the whole Mar-a-Lago raid thing. And while that doesn’t intimate that he’s going to be found guilty at all, it does throw a little bit of a monkey wrench into the 2024 presidential campaign, doesn’t it?

I mean, if Trump is indicted for any crime between now and November 2024, there is a good chance it will turn off a portion of the electorate. What does that mean? Well, I would suggest that a certain percentage, and I’m not going to speculate on what that is, would turn their nose up at him and go with someone else for their presidential choice. I’m NOT saying that person would be Joe Biden or any other Democrat by the way. There WILL be a primary prior to the general election!

But let’s look at…

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Can The GOP Win In November?

The Lone Cactus

That’s what we are going to look at today. And while we still have the possibility of the old “October Surprise”, it’s effect has been greatly diminished because of the “mail-in ballot”. While the election itself isn’t going to take place for over a month, many places are already voting. That’s sad because a LOT can happen between now and then! Heck, there haven’t even been any debates yet!

Let’s compare several key races in the battleground states to see how they did several weeks ago, and how they are doing now, shall we?

First of all in Arizona, Mark Kelly was leading Blake Masters by 9 points three weeks back. That lead is now down to 2 points. However, there are about 10 anti-Masters ad for every one pro-Masters ad on TV right now. It’s so bad that Mitch McConnell’s PAC, who has been helping Masters just cancelled almost…

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Thumbing My Nose at Lying Censors

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© October 3, 2022

I have kept a very small presence on Facebook since after maintaining a profile there for over a greater part decade while experiencing multiple Facebook jail sentences ultimately ending with a permanent ban of my original Facebook presence.

THEN I waited a couple of months and joined Facebook with new profile information primarily to reconnect with old graduating High School classmates (Class of 1975). Sadly being in Washington State I discovered too many of those Classmates were members of the Sheeple Darkside Dem-Marxist Party swallowing lying propaganda hook-line-and-sinker. BUT some were teen friends and acquaintances so – Que Sera, Sera – I avoid writing politics to old Classmates for memory’s sake.

Maybe it was an error on my part. I joined 10 Conservative-oriented Groups and a couple anti-Medical Tyranny Groups. Apparently a FB protected troll sifted through some…

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Woman At DJT Rally Apologizes To Humanity For Voting For The “Anti-Christ, Obama”

The Mad Jewess

Woman At DJT Rally Apologizes To Humanity For Voting For The “Anti-Christ, Obama”

GEIR found this one. This woman claims she had an awakening. Some say this was ‘staged’. Everything is ‘staged’ except for the SatanCrats stagings.

Another one claims “Trump is the Anti-Christ”

Except that Trump does not fulfill a major prophecy re. the Anti-Christ. Trump was about “making America great again”, not overthrowing countries. His version of making us ‘great’ did not include repentance to God.



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SatanCrat Monsters Are Brutalizing/Beating & Blinding J6 Prisoner Who Has Pre-Cancer. Understand We ARE Dealing With A Ferocious EVIL, Leftist Beast System.

The Mad Jewess

SatanCrat Monsters Are Brutalizing/Beating J6 Prisoner Who Has Pre-Cancer. Understand We ARE Dealing With The Ferocious EVIL, Leftist Beast System.

This nation’s government has been turned over to vicious, disgusting, demonic, anti-Christ, satanic, evil, vile Satan-Crat monsters. People still do not understand that the whole world is now under the beast, anti-Christ system. Why? Because they’re all waiting on a pre-tribulation rapture. ‘Rapture’ (or gathering away, catching up) does not happen until after the tribulation.

Meanwhile, our American brothers and even sister are in PRISON with evil, vile, Leftist devils torturing some of them.

Jesus even gives us instruction and things to look for so that we may know that we are IN the tribulation & how to get thru it:Matthew 24:

3And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto himprivately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things…

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Wayne Root: “Biden Is NOT In Charge, OBAMA Is” (Yep, We’ve Been Saying This Since Day 1 On This Humble Blog)

The Mad Jewess

Wayne Root: “Biden Is NOT In Charge, OBAMA Is.” (Yep, We’ve Been Saying This Since Day 1 On This Humble Blog)

We’ve been saying this since Biden was fraudulently elected in 2020:

Our country is being destroyed. It’s clearly a purposeful communist attack upon America from a thousand different directions. But the President isn’t Biden. He is just the figurehead/puppet. The real president is Obama.

In the BIBLE – The Anti-Christ will use a spokesperson. A spokesperson is a mouthpiece for a King/Leader/CEO/CFO, etc. The Holy prophets of the Bible were spokespeople for God. Biden is a spokesperson for OBAMA making Biden a ‘false prophet’. Believe it or not….That is what is happening.

I’ve been blogging about this for years:

Remember I Said “Obama Will Rise On The Political Scene Again?” Well, His Highness Will “Speak To The…

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With fewer people willing or able to have children, global technocrats believe they have the answer: ‘digital’ families

Experts in artificial intelligence are predicting that within a few decades we will not only have digital money, digital IDs and digital surveillance of everything we do and everywhere we go.

We will also have digital families.

The idea of creating “virtual children” powered by AI is already in the pipeline.

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