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Home Finance – What Budgeting Looks Like
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Here is the final post in this series.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: How Much Money Do Our Leaders Want To Spend?
  • Part 3: What Additional Factors Can Produce Inflation?
  • Part4: What Is Wrong With Price Controls?
  • Part 5: Why Is Inflation A Tax?

In this post we will address the following.

What Should We Do?

How do we get inflation under control? Before we can decide what to do, we need to clearly define the problem. What drives inflation? What are the primary things that define the value of a dollar? Look again at the math problem. What are the most pertinent factors?

  • With taxes we reduce the supply of dollars in circulation.
  • With government spending we increase the supply of dollars in circulation.
  • To get taxes and spending in sync…

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Media Falsely Links Hurricanes To Climate Change. Here Are The Facts.

PA Pundits International

By Jarrett Stepman ~

The weather is difficult to predict. Media narratives aren’t.

The media bat signal is up to exploit the latest crisis for left-wing policy goals.

Search and rescue personnel wade through the waters of a flooded neighborhood as they search for survivors in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / AFP/Getty Images)

As Florida deals with the cleanup from Hurricane Ian—which ravaged the state, killed hundreds, and displaced thousands more—media outlets have peddled the idea that this tragedy is the result of climate change.

Some even suggested that Florida shouldn’t get aid because some of its elected officials oppose federal legislation that would pump billions of dollars into various green initiatives.

The New York Times ran a piece headlined “Florida Leaders Rejected Major Climate Laws. Now They’re Seeking Storm Aid.” The subheadline read, “Senior Republican politicians in the state have opposed…

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The Coming Green Electricity Nightmare

PA Pundits International

By Paul Driessen ~

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) wanted regulatory reform, in part to reverse some of the Biden Administration reversals of Trump era reforms intended to expedite permits for fossil fuel projects.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) needed Manchin’s vote in the 50-50 Senate to enact his latest spending extravaganza, the Inflation Reduction Act, which was primarily a massive climate and “green” energy subsidy arrangement. It gives Schumer allies some $370 billion in wind, solar, battery and other funding, tax credits and subsidies. In exchange, Schumer would offer a path for Manchin’s reform bill.

Manchin voted YEA, and promptly got bushwhacked. Once he’d helped enact the IRA, he had zero leverage. Schumer, he discovered, had promised an opportunity, maybe a vote, but not actual support. House and Senate members told him, we weren’t part of your secret negotiations with Schumer; we didn’t shake hands on any deal; we don’t…

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Congresswoman Seeks DOJ Review Of Missing Data For 3.1M New York Voters

PA Pundits International

By Fred Lucas ~

As New York state struggles with allegations of election fraud, a new review of its voter lists shows that basic personal identification information is missing for 3.1 million registered voters, in apparent violation of federal law.

States vary, but the general standard for voter registration information is to include either a Social Security number or a driver’s license number, according to a report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

“The Department of Justice must send a clear message that compliance with federal law is not a choice but an obligation and that those who choose not to follow it will be held accountable,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., writes Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. Pictured: Eileen Weitzman, right, a volunteer with Brooklyn Voters Alliance, registers a New York City resident to vote on Sept. 26, 2020 (Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., founder and co-chairman…

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NY Times’ Roose Sees ‘Right-Wing Trolls And Extremism’ If Musk Takes Twitter

PA Pundits International

By Clay Waters ~

New York Times technology reporter Kevin Roose, who shares a censorious streak with many of his tech colleagues, reacted with dismay on the news that space entrepreneur Elon Musk’s on-again, off-again courtship of social media platform Twitter is back on again, on Wednesday: “Elon Musk’s Twitter Will Be a Wild Ride.”

One of Roose’s main concerns: That free-speech advocate Musk might make conservative voices acceptable on Twitter again. He also got in yet another smear of the conservative humor site The Babylon Bee:

Mr. Musk, who styles himself a centrist but often crusades against the “woke left,” has made no secret of his plans to make Twitter a friendlier platform for right-wing voices. He has expressed support for The Babylon Bee, a conservative satire site whose Twitter account was suspended after it published a transphobic humor piece about a Biden administration official.

(In October…

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Governor Newsom Just Getting Started With Skyrocketing Green Energy Prices

PA Pundits International

By Ronald Stein ~

California Governor Newsom became further convinced that voters continue to support his bizarre energy policies when they defeated the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election on September 14, 2021, thus keeping the incumbent elected for the term January 2019 to January 2023.

With California having the highest prices for fuel in the nation, the highest poverty and homeless rates, and barely able keep the lights on as its climate policies bite the electric grid, Governor Gavin Newsom is undaunted. With his ego at an all-time high, on Friday September 23rd, he signed at least 40 new climate bills to ramp up California’s green-energy shock experiment onto the same citizens that defeated the recall.

Newsom does not realize that wind turbines and solar panels CANNOT manufacture anything for society.

The reasons why subsidized wind and solar electricity are not replacing fossil fuels, is that they can only generate electricity intermittently from…

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Twitter Is Refusing Musk’s Renewed Offer: Report

PA Pundits International

By Autumn Johnson ~

Twitter has reportedly declined Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s renewed offer to purchase the platform for $44 billion in an effort to keep the trial going.

ABC News reported Thursday that the Tesla CEO’s attorneys claim that the company “will not take yes for an answer.”

“Twitter will not take yes for an answer. Astonishingly, they have insisted on proceeding with this litigation, recklessly putting the deal at risk and gambling with their stockholders’ interests,” the report said Musk’s attorneys alleged in a court filing.

Musk’s attorneys asked the judge to stay the upcoming Oct. 17 trial to Oct. 28–the date when he expects to close the deal, according to ABC News. Twitter reportedly opposes the motion over concerns that Musk will not be able to acquire financing in time.

Another attorney for Musk, however, also said that Twitter is the one holding up the deal.


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Politico Worries That Elon Musk Will Force Twitter To Drop Censorship

PA Pundits International

By P.J. Gladnick ~

Nowadays when you hear that a reporter covers “misinformation and content moderation” you know they support censorship, although they absolutely hate that ugly but accurate description. And among the reporters with such a job description is Rebecca Kern of Politico.

The title of Kern’s Wednesday article is also a reflection of her own attitude towards possible big changes coming to Twitter, “Three reasons Washington is freaking out about Elon Musk right now.” And the big reason why Washington, and Kern, are freaking out is their fear that Musk will ditch censorship at Twitter.

Elon Musk’s expected takeover of Twitter has Washington holding its breath.

If the world’s richest man reinstates Donald Trump — along with other controversial politicians banned for rules violations — Republican campaign managers could again find their days wrecked by Tweet-driven headaches.

Meanwhile, Democrats worry a revived Trump Twitter feed could be a…

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