Next Big Energy Fraud – Replacing Coal With Hydrogen To Make Steel

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By Dr. Jay Lehr~

One of Australia’s richest men, Andrew Forrest, chairman of Fortescue Metals is challenging his nation to make steel without emitting carbon dioxide. Today virtually all steel is made by heating iron oxides with coal. Forrest plans a demo project to virtue signal his desire to stay a steel magnate while protecting his nation and the world from life threatening emissions of carbon dioxide. WARNING: Hold onto your wallets Mr. and Mrs. investor who lack adequate knowledge of how mineralogy and chemistry work to make our products at reasonable costs. Were I an investment con-man I might also find this new idea an attractive way to raise money for my company with little concern that it will ever need to be paid back.

As the con proceeds, the International Energy Agency says that by 2050 steel produced with hydrogen in place of coal will not equal…

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WashPost ‘Fact Checker’: Stacey Abrams Offers ‘Rhetorical Twist’ On Election Denialism

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By Tim Graham ~

In Sunday’s paper Washington Post “Fact Checker” sought to downplay the “election denialism” of Stacey Abrams. She wasn’t a Liar to say she “won” her 2018 election for governor of Georgia, or to say it was “stolen from the people of Georgia. No, it was merely twisty rhetoric, no cartoon Pinocchios needed.

The headline: “Stacey Abrams’s rhetorical twist on being an election denier.” Like a good Washington Post Democrat, Kessler thinks it was just fine being an election denier – it was good politics for her – until Trump ruined it in 2020:

Abrams repeatedly questioned the integrity of Kemp’s victory as her rising stardom in the national Democratic Party in 2019 prompted widespread speculation that she might run for president.

But what might have appeared at the time as a savvy appeal to voters who felt disenfranchised looks different now that Trump and…

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Patriot Humor – A Pirate Trapped In A Comedian’s Body

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Hezbollah Now Overrides Israel’s Democracy

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

Gas rig in the Mediterranean

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, the damage accrued under Lapid’s leftist/Islamist “caretaker” regime will go down in Israel’s modern history as the most destructive — as it vies with late PM Rabin’s bloody handshake with the godfather of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat, during the ushering in of the 1993 Oslo Peace/Death Accords!

THIS lies atop the absolute contravention of so-called democratic norms, that is, to place said national security maneuver before a vote in the Knesset before ceding Israeli sovereign territory. How dare they?!?

NOT only that, it sets in stone a most dangerous precedent: effectively, a nation in perpetual war with Israel will only have to threaten ! war to bring Israel to her knees. Credo quia absurdum.

MAY this dastardly capitulation bring Israel’s illegitimate negotiators (in tandem with the Biden regime, Obama 3.0) to a ruinous and painful demise!

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