FBI Counter Intel Supervisor Admits in Court that FBI Offered Steele Another $1 Million to Prove Dossier was Real But He Couldn’t – Lawless FBI Used It to Go After President Trump Anyway — The Gateway Pundit

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A sixteen-member jury was selected on Tuesday and opening arguments were set for Tuesday afternoon in the trial of Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko a Russian national charged with five counts of making false statements to the FBI in regard to the origins of the Steele Dossier.

Sean Langillefrom FOX News Night tweeted this out from court earlier today.

Sean Langille:During questioning from Special Counsel John Durham, Brian Auten, a supervisory counter intelligence analyst with the FBI, revealed the FBI offered Christopher Steele one million dollars if he could corroborate allegations in the Dossier, but that Steele could not do so. Auten repeatedly admitted under questioning from Durham that the FBI never got corroboration of the information in the Steele Dossier but used it in the initial FISA application and in the three subsequent renewals.

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FBI raids pro-life father of 11 with guns drawn in front of children weeks after Mark Houck raid

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In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday, October 10, Vaughn told the Fox News host that when the FBI came to his house, some of his kids were just heading to the car to go to school. One of the FBI agents held the children off with a long gun.

Source: FBI raids pro-life father of 11 with guns drawn in front of children weeks after Mark Houck raid

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Hunter Biden & A Compromised President – This Is About To Get Ugly

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October 11, 2022This article was posted by TLB StaffCOMMENTARY,FREEDOM,GOVERNMENT,Tyranny,WORLD

Hunter Biden & A Compromised President – This Is About To Get Ugly

Commentary by Roger Landry (TLB)

So, what does it mean if someone is compromised … well in short it means that someone has enough dirt on them to force, via threat of exposure, them to do things they may not agree with, or wish to do. Obviously the dirtier the dirt the more control one can exercise.

Now lets consider how this relates to America, security, and possible treasonous actions being facilitated as you read this. Lets consider the President of The United States of America compromised via several of the most dangerous nations on this planet when it comes to Americas roll and future globally. Lets consider China, Russia, and the most corrupt nation on the planet…

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Joe Biden’s Appalling Abortion Hypocrisy — Conservative Review

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President Joe Biden isn’t just a radical extremist when it comes to abortion. He’s also a raging hypocrite. The post Joe Biden’s Appalling Abortion Hypocrisy appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Joe Biden’s Appalling Abortion Hypocrisy — Conservative Review

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Citizen Tom

I still have not gotten around to updating my website the way I should. I live in Ohio now, but that is not obvious from my website. Nevertheless, I have begun tracking the election campaigns from the perspective of a resident of Mount Vernon, OH instead of Gainesville, VA. That is why I posted the video above.

Who are those guys in the video above? Candidates for the U.S. Senate.

If you are a registered voter in Ohio, I hope that you take the time to watch and listen to the video above. Debates by themselves are not the best way to assess the character of a candidate, but they do give us some idea as to how well the individuals involved stand up to pressure and how well they think on their feet.

What else is necessary? We need to fact check what…

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Biden’s Inflation Quickly Makes Americans Poorer

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By E.J. Antoni ~

The sailor’s lament “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” is reminiscent of how most Americans must feel today about their cost of living.

The average working American has the equivalent of $3,000 less annually than when Joe Biden, pictured Oct. 12 departing the White House, became president. Pictured: Biden holds an Oct. 4 White House meeting on access to abortion. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

For instance, there are plenty of homes and apartments across the country, but good luck finding one that’s affordable—inflation and interest rate hikes under President Joe Biden have made that all but impossible.

Those two factors have made the average worker in America $4,200 poorer on an annual basis.

White House officials are quick to cite the recent rapid increase in nominal wages, but they somehow always leave out the fact that prices have risen even faster than wages…

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The New York Times Discovers Biden’s A Liar

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By Tim Graham ~

The New York Times is signaling that they’re not wild about Joe Biden running for president again. Suddenly, they announced his statements are routinely un-factual. He’s a habitual liar. Why is this discovery emerging now?

The online headline of their October 11 story was: “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel: President Biden has been unable to break himself of the habit of embellishing narratives to weave a political identity.”

Times reporters Michael Shear and Linda Qiu began with Biden telling survivors of Hurricane Ian that he and Jill lost most of a house to a lightning strike. That’s not true. News reports at the time described it as “a small fire that was contained to the kitchen” They said this wasn’t an isolated embellishment. They noted Biden once told this story as “having had a house burn down with my wife in…

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Is W.E.F.’s Tulsi Gabbard’s Departure From The SatanCrats All That “Newsworthy?” “Fulfillment Of Prophecy?” I Don’t Think So.

The Mad Jewess

Is Tulsi Gabbard’s Departure From The SatanCrats All That “Newsworthy?” I Don’t Think So.

Honestly…anyone with a brain could see this coming. How could Tulsi stay with a political party that seems to be against Gabbard’s political, ideological beliefs? If she stayed, people would have dismissed her as a big hypocrite and a politician lies all the time. To continue lying, one must cast off some hypocrisy in order to fool people some more.

Is it really all that important that Tulsi left the SatanCrats? Not in my opinion.. She is a member of the W.E.F.The W.E.F. grooms future leaders. Teaches them how to be snakes that can go right, left, center, etc.

Now, if we had witnessed Gabbard departing the W.E.F., decrying & denouncing them, maybe this would have been really important.

Alas, as we all know (by this time) that all of American politicians are devilish.

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What The….!! Kanye Is A JEW, now? I Thought He Was A Christian?

The Mad Jewess

What The….!! Kanye Is A JEW, now? I Thought He Was A Christian?

I’ve made no bones about my own faith for years: Im an ethnic, Sephardic Jew and I believe that Jesus is our Jewish Messiah. So, many consider me “Christian” and that’s fine. I identify as a born-again Jew. My husband is 100% Jewish. The Jewish people’s problems are MY problems to confront at times with the constant defamation, serial Jew-hating wacko’s, etc. I will stand in the gap when I see true Jew-hatred. I’ll stand against the Israeli government when they act insane. I will stand up to Leftist Jews, what have you.. But…

I digress… I always thought that Kanye identified as a Christian? So, I’m confused about him being a Jew. Did he convert to Judaism? Is he Orthodox? Is he reformed? Is he a Noahide? My guess is he is calling himself “Jew” because…

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