Been Vacationing During Tyranny Days

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Visiting Daughter in Marxist-Dominated Washington State from 10/13 to 10/19

By John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© October 16, 2022

I haven’t been posting much lately. The reason: I went on vacation flying from the pretty much still free State of Oklahoma to the Dem-Marxist dominated State of Washington (where I grew up in more free days) to visit my daughter in Eastern Washington (where many ignore the diktats of the State Capitol in Olympia).

Interesting tidbit: I was watching a college football game at my daughter’s residence and noticed a political TV ad. It was a hate the Republican candidate ad. Which was unsurprising so I stopped paying attention, BUT what caught my attention was the closing hate the Republican reason to vote Dem-Marxist. The Republican candidate (which I cannot remember because of choosing not to pay attention) would be dangerous for America

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“No Borders, No Countries” – Biden Regime Calls For North American Union … Rep. Matt Gaetz Responds

Adina Kutnicki


AS is said, there is a method to the (beyond apparent) madness enveloping/consuming every sphere within America. This is especially the case when a non-biased observer looks around at the national landscape and witnesses the purposeful [emphasis placed] destructive forces within the body politic; egged on via self-professed civil society elites. How can this be??

WELL, when the goal is the erasure of America in toto, the aforementioned traitors are executing a bang-up job. A+ all around!

ALAS, as crooked Hill infamously intoned, that is, “it takes a village”, there is always a “stand-out” village chieftain. Effectively, 

IN this regard, just as the sun rises and sets, doesn’t it follow that the far left’s goal (in reality, as yesteryear’s revolutionaries prepped the ground…

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Citizen Tom

What it is like to be mooned by a peacock.

Since Silence of Mind has a bit of a problem displaying the comments on his blog, I figured I would post a couple of comments here before they become difficult to read. Where are these comments posted? On Why Atheism Is So Deadly.

Atheism is the belief that everything just happened all by itself. Such belief is self evidently stupid especially in view of modern science. Cause and effect are the very foundation of modern science. Something caused the universe to come into being. That something was called the First Cause, by ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. That First Cause from which sprang reality is God, by definition.

Thus, atheism is deadly because it is superstitious. By reason we know that everything has a cause. By reason we know that God is the First Cause of reality. Atheist superstition harkens back…

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The WashPost Way: ‘Badass’ Journalists ‘Afflicting The Comfortable’ For ‘Radical Change’

PA Pundits International

By Tim Graham ~

Margaret Sullivan recently stepped away from her soapbox as a media columnist for The Washington Post, but she has a new book out titled Newsroom Confidential: Lessons (and Worries) from an Ink-Stained Life. Mark Judge at the Washington Examiner provocatively asserted journalism is a like a drug, and they became addicted to the power of “doing good,” like forcing Richard Nixon to resign over Watergate.

Judge quoted Sullivan on liberal heroes Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein: “They were badass, the essence of swashbuckling cool, especially when confused in my teenage mind with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman … I wanted to be them, or at least immerse myself in that newsroom culture. Righteousness could be achieved, according to the self-important journalism adage, by ‘afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.’

This kind of motto defines a war on objective or fair/balanced reporting. It’s a radical-left motto…

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Bidenflation Strikes Again

PA Pundits International

By Gary Bauer ~

We must slam the brakes on Biden’s disastrous agenda.

Yesterday’s report on the consumer price index showed inflation is running at a very hot rate of 8.2%, which was worse than economists had predicted.

Worse than that, the “core inflation” measure, which excludes volatile energy and food prices, shot up to 6.6% — the fastest increase in 40 years.

This is the last report on inflation — a top concern for voters — that we will get before the midterm elections.  It will hang like an albatross around every Democrat’s neck for the next 26 days.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s approval rating is below 50% on 10 leading issues.  On the most significant issues like the economy, jobs and immigration, he’s below 40%.  He won’t be any help to Democrats on the campaign trail either.

We must slam the brakes on Biden’s disastrous agenda!

Biden’s Border…

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