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I am sharing the Bitchute Channel Coronavirus Plushie:THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, PART 2. My suspicion is after the free preview website ends and the digital sale begins, a copyright complaint to Bitchute will end all copies. Currently “The Real Anthony Fauci” parts 1 & 2 is scheduled to end sometime on 10/28/22:

Part Two focuses on Fauci lies (both past & COVID) including the lying cooperation of Big Pharma (specifically Pfizer), MSM lying propaganda, & Depopulation Globalists like Bill Gates.

In case the copyright complaint catches up to Bitchute and the video embed ceases to operate, UGETube seems to be off the copyright target (but doesn’t embed well on all blog platforms). Here’s my UGETube upload of the Bitchute video:

And here is my UGETube “The Real Anthony Fauci” Part…

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Sir Christopher Chope, British M.P. – “These VACCINES Are NOT Safe By The Govt’s Own Admittance”

The Mad Jewess

Sir Christopher Chope, British M.P. – “These VACCINES Are NOT Safe By The Govt’s Own Admittance”

Yet, the people just keep lining up to take the poison, Genetic changing injection…


CLICK: Sir Christopher Chope, MP; These vaccines are NOT SAFE

He addressed this some months back as well.

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Globalists making final push for depopulated one-world order: How do we resist?

Are you still trying to make sense of all the insanity in the world, or maybe trying to help a friend or family member make sense of it?

  • Drag queens in schools, libraries, even churches and other settings targeting children and families.
  • The seemingly unhinged attacks on everything that is good and necessary for a healthy society and the celebration of everything that is evil.
  • Food prices rising out of control, with whispers of famine on the horizon (See here, here and here).
  • The suicidal war on so-called “fossil fuels” like coal, oil and natural gas, when it’s becoming obvious (look at Europe) that no nation can survive without them.
  • The fact that the U.S.-led NATO and Russia-China are on a collision course toward World War III, with both sides threatening nuclear strikes.

For answers, consider reading and sharing my post from back on May 26, “Globalists…

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NYPD Shomrim Society Honored Its Heroes (Oct. 23, 2022); The Living & The Deceased

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

WHATEVER stage in life, and wherever one may be, many will agree that true heroes still exist. This is especially self-evident, that is, in face of today’s indescribable, global chaos. In fact, it is at particularly heart-stopping moments in time, generally, such types step up and stand out. Shine.

SO much so, as per the aforementioned stand-outs, articles have been written by well-respected pundits. As it happens, two of the superstars in this writer’s close orbit more than deserved (still do) said mention.


TELLINGLY, when alive, the above two heroes pooh-poohed said praise, chuckling in the process. Humbling. Even so, it doesn’t mean that their extraordinary feats of heroism should remain hidden to the wider world. To the contrary…

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THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY: Bombshell Documentary: ‘Fauci Lied To The American People’

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

WHENEVER truth-tellers are flying over the target, so to speak, the so-called tarring and feathering commences! Yes, ‘conspiracy theory’ and its twin bugaboo, ‘misinformation’, are right behind. Warp speed.

BUT never mind. The truth will not only set us free, but save countless lives in the process. And while this investigative journalist intuited that something was hinky — tellingly, by listening to the lock-step Mockingbird/Corporate Media, as they chirped, screamed, and harangued in unison, well — it was a significant other who unraveled the so-called scientific/medical lies!


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