Dealing With Inflation

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Democrats have decided that the way they need to run for reelection and hold on to Congress is to do two things. The abortion issue is key and they need to hammer that every chance they get. And they need to basically say that the Republicans are just “anti-Democrat” and don’t have a plan on how to fix things. Some added a third thing, saying that the GOP wants to take away Medicare and Social Security from seniors, which is a blatant lie.

Anyway, we’ve learned from the recent polling that the whole abortion issue has pretty much peaked in the minds of the voters. In some polls that list the top election issues, abortion comes in with between 5 and 7% of the vote, while things like the economy and inflation and crime are in the high 70’s. Now there are others (most liberal polling companies) that say that…

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DEPOPULATION: The Will of the Elite

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© October 28, 2022

DEPOPULATION is not a novel or new concept. The Depopulation ideology as a concept for the good of the planet has been around at least since Thomas Malthus began his oft proven erroneous predictions with his first publication in 1798. In the 20th and 21st centuries Global Leftists have adopted the Malthus theories on overpopulation and lean on depopulating humans from the Earth to maintain a sustainable food paradigm for the living. OF COURSE these same Global Leftists ALSO use erroneous climate science to preserve the Earth for the Elites enjoyment and damn the masses who only exist to serve the Elites. Four critical posts of the Malthus ideology:

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