New Report Reveals Biden Administration Knows Its Policies Increase Energy Costs For Americans

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By Katie Tubb ~

Americans know all too well that soaring energy prices have raised costs throughout the economy. What isn’t as obvious is that the Biden administration knows it is blocking solutions that could decrease those costs.

Such an embarrassing admission likely won’t come in President Joe Biden’s next press conference. But it can be found buried in a 500-page report by the president’s Department of the Interior, sufficiently out of sight of Americans demanding answers from leaders.

Until President Joe Biden, there had been at least one offshore lease sale every year since 1959, back in the early days of offshore energy production. (Photo: Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The Interior Department recently closed the comment period for its 2023-2028 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Proposed Program. The lease plan should have been done and agreed upon before June, when the previous five-year plan expired. Yet here we are…

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COP27 – The Camel’s Nose Of Loss And Damage Enters The Talks

PA Pundits International

By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Egypt is camel country so it is appropriate that the long awaited camel’s nose of the great green loss and damage dream should finally appear. We are talking about potentially untold trillions of dollars flowing from developed to developing countries. A breathtaking prospect.

For those who missed it here is my quick summary of UN-speak “loss and damage” from my introductory article:

“Loss and damage is the 9,000 pound gorilla. It means America and the rest of the developed countries will compensate the developing countries for all the bad things climate change does to them. Loss refers to things that cannot be fixed, like death or a destroyed crop, while damage is stuff that can be rebuilt, like a flattened town.

Since all bad weather is now attributed to climate change we would be paying for all of it. I am not making this up…

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At Florida Gov. Debate, New York Times Falsely Cries ‘False…Misleading Claims’ By Desantis

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By Clay Waters ~

New York Times reporters Patricia Mazzei and Maggie Astor reported on Monday evening’s one and only debate in the Florida governor’s race, pitting sitting Republican Ron DeSantis against Democrat and former state governor Charlie Crist.

But under the guise of fighting misinformation on abortion and transgender issues by Ron DeSantis, the reporters spread their own.

They even questioned the moderator’s impartiality (dismissed as “working the referees” when done by conservative candidates) noting the moderator’s connection to Sinclair, a television news conglomerate (regularly targeted by the Times) that doesn’t follow conventional liberal media wisdom.

The moderator, Liz Quirantes of WPEC, struggled to keep quiet the audience in Fort Pierce, which regularly applauded, cheered, jeered and interrupted the exchanges. Some of Ms. Quirantes’s questions, which she said came from viewers, appeared to be leading the candidates toward conservative points of view. WPEC is a CBS affiliate…

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So NOW I Get It!

The Lone Cactus

I was sitting here a couple of days ago watching “Outnumbered” on Fox News. I will say first and foremost that it really it me watching it why Fox News does what they do when it comes to inviting people like Juan Williams, or Marie Harf, or Leslie Marshall on the show.

Let me take you back to what happened.

Fox News always tries to be “fair and balanced” by having maybe one liberal on with two or three conservatives, so you get both sides of the story. They never have an equal number, so I’m not really sure how “balanced” it is. But it goes farther than that.

I was watching “Outnumbered”, the show hosted by Harris Faulkner, who had on Brian Kilmeade and a couple of other rather conservative ladies. Joining them was “Democrat Strategist”, Leslie Marshall. They were talking about the Fetterman/Oz debate and Marshall was quick…

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What Happens To Dems If The Lose The House?

The Lone Cactus

It’s a question that not many are talking about right now, even though it seems the Republicans taking back the House of Representatives is a foregone conclusion. Fewer Democrats are willing to talk about what happens next. But hey! I’ve got time on my hands, let’s do it!

Let’s just say for grins and giggles that the Republicans do what everyone and their cousin says they are going to do and take back the House. Let’s say it’s not close. After all, Bobo Obama lost what? 60 seats after the 2010 midterms? And he was a MUCH better president than Joe Biden!

So, let’s say the GOP has a rather commanding lead in the House. That means that there will most likely be a leadership change, or at the very least a call for one among Democrats. Nancy Pelosi has hinted that this is her swan song this year. If…

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Intro to ‘A Slow-Motion Nightmare’

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

By Ray DiLorenzo

October 29, 2022

Ray DiLorenzo posting at the Canada Free Press (CFP) has Part III to his Elections Have Consequences series (All three parts are linked in the post): “A Slow-Motion Nightmare.”

It’s a relatively short post speaking the truth deficient COVID-science, deficient Jab-science, on LIES about effective COVID remedies, WEF intentions for world control and controlling the masses of people and on ALL boiling down to a Cloward & Piven Strategy for a Fascist/Marxist New World Order.

Like I wrote, it is concise and I pray enlightening enough for you to do some of your own research-digging to leave or stay away from the matrix of Sheeple obedience.

JRH 10/29/22

Thank you to those who have stepped up!

READER SUPPORTED! I need Readers willing to chip in $5 – $10 – $25 – $50 – $100. PLEASE…

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