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Proverbs 27:17

The expression “loyal opposition” is defined in the dictionary (see loyal opposition (, and the expression has a good connotation. Why? When the members of the loyal opposition are doing their job correctly, they help to hold the majority party accountable to the public. That is true in both a constitutional republic and a parliamentary democracy. The loyal opposition can only do its job, however, when we all understand the value of the loyal opposition and we are honorable enough to respect the rights of the minority. Unfortunately, we have done a poor job of teaching our children the value of the loyal opposition. Many don’t even appreciate why they should respect the rights of others.

Consider Proverbs 27:17. What does the proverb in the illustration above mean? How does one person sharpen another like iron sharpens iron? When people who respect each other have a disagreement…

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Climate Policies Versus Nature

PA Pundits International

By Peter Murphy~

They took all the trees, put ‘em in a tree museum. – Joni Mitchell, from “Big Yellow Taxi” (1970)

The great singer/songwriter, Joni Mitchell’s hit song quoted above was an environmental anthem a half century ago when the American public recognized and took action to mitigate a range of environmental problems, including air and water pollution, endangered species, waste disposal and more.

There are numerous success stories as a result of these actions. Air and water quality are cleaner than ever in America and the bald eagle no longer is endangered, among many examples.

Climate hysteria pervasive in government, entertainment, corporate and educational circles is moving the U.S. backwards from protecting nature and the environment and becoming hazardous. Climate change policies are inexorably ruining our forests, landscapes, farmland, seashores and mountain ranges, along with animal habitats, sea life and even household pets, all of which true…

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Prodding The Prosecutor

PA Pundits International

By Gary Bauer ~

Congress must conduct serious investigations into the Biden crime family.

Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson just sent hundreds of pages of documents, including bank records, to the U.S. attorney investigating Hunter Biden. The financial documents detail millions of dollars of transactions between Chinese companies and Hunter’s businesses.

The president’s son has supposedly been under federal investigation for more than two years. Hunter even admitted it himself a month after the 2020 election.

Senators Grassley and Johnson are prodding the federal prosecutor to act. In their letter to Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, they wrote:

“If you are conducting a full and complete investigation, you should already possess these records. In the case that you are not and do not possess these records, we suggest that you review them in detail.”

In addition, House Republicans are demanding information from FBI Director Christopher Wray about JiaQi Bao…

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Bad Energy Policies Never Die

PA Pundits International

From the team at CFACT ~

By Michelle Michot Foss and Lucian Pugliaresi ~

Thus far in 2022, political actors and their acolytes are dusting off, again, every bad idea that has ever permeated political debate in the United States regarding energy. Among them:

• Price caps, which do nothing to provoke demand response or salient investment.

• Export bans, which only shrink the global supply pie, worsening price pressures.

• Tapping strategic oil reserves, originally reserved for emergencies – a tactic too often deployed to manage or attempt to manage prices.

• Appealing to OPEC (and OPEC+) to open spigots while also investigating and/or invoking sanctions against, and/or attempting to legislate against, OPEC.

None of these are new, or even clever, or even useful, but they are being presented to voters here and abroad as such.

Allow us to suggest a simple fix.

To the fearful leaders in our…

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NY Times ‘News’ Headline: ‘Democrats Say Racism Is The Real Messaging’ In GOP Crime Ads

PA Pundits International

By Clay Waters ~

New York Times congressional correspondent Jonathan Weisman injected charges of racism into the 2022 campaign’s late stages under a partisan headline: “Democrats Say Racism Is the Real Messaging in Republican Crime Ads.”

Weisman predictably launched by portraying Republican crime concerns as a cynical “seize” of an issue before quickly inserting race.

As Republicans seize on crime as one of their leading issues in the final weeks of the midterm elections, they have deployed a series of attack lines, terms and imagery that have injected race into contests across the country.

In states as disparate as Wisconsin and New Mexico, ads have labeled a Black candidate as “different” and “dangerous” and darkened a white man’s hands as they portrayed him as a criminal.

Nowhere have these tactics risen to overtake the debate in a major campaign, but a survey of competitive contests, particularly those involving…

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Dr. McCullough Fights to Keep his Board Certifications

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Dr. Peter McCullough

In case you are a blinded Sheeple, you might be unaware that Dr. Peter McCullough has been one of the most revered Cardiologists and accomplished science peer-reviewed author. BUT when Dr. McCullough’s expertise began to contradict the CONTROL-THE-PEOPLE mostly bad science edicts, Dr. McCullough went from revered to smeared. EVEN THOUGH nobody discredited his science dissent with actual facts, but used the typical Leftist baseless ad hominem attacks of bad claims of false, misinformation or disinformation.

With no cited proof other than the baseless ad hominem, Dr. McCullough is now facing Board Decertification. Substack and book co-writer to Dr. McCullough – John Leake – comes to Dr. McCullough’s defense against this Medical Tyranny with a great historical analogy of past absolutely correct scientists yet were vilified, persecuted and some cases tortured to death for not recanting truth in favor of bad science.


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