Today I canceled PayPal and its intolerant, non-inclusive globalist execs; Your support is needed now more than ever

As many of you know, PayPal has gone off the rails.

You may also know that PayPal is the payment-processing firm I have used for donations to my work since setting up my website in 2017. There have been many months where if I did not get donations through that PayPal button, the bills would not have gotten paid.

But now the company has come out of the closet as not only part of the “woke” corporate liberal class, but also part of the global predator class.

After first backing off, PayPal has quietly reinstated a controversial $2,500 fine for users who they deem to be spreading “misinformation.”

According to their “acceptable use policy,” defining what’s truth and what’s disinformation is left to the “sole discretion” of PayPal.

You can read about the controversy in an article by Forbes, but I had to act.

I cannot let PayPal…

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