Progressive Patriarchy

H/T Citizen Tom

Messages from the Mythical

Case #1:

It seems it’s just me, but whenever I see a male politician or media spokesman telling me he’s going to defend my right to choose, I feel mansplained to. When a man tells you he’s fighting for your reproductive freedom, just imagine he’s patting you on the head while he’s doing it.

He has no stake in the matter. He is patronizing you, telling you what he thinks you want to hear. Necessarily.

Case #2:

Progressives are blind when it’s convenient. The faddish love affair with non-traditional families. Behind every happy photo of two men rejoicing over their baby stands unseen a woman—a surrogate. She is paid like a servant to risk her life and give away the child she bears. Sometimes she is the biological mother of the child, and sometimes she carries a baby created using another woman’s egg.

Every time you see a gay couple…

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