Russia Ukraine. War update – dedicated to Slavyangrad

War update – dedicated to Slavyangrad⇔

Why not big arrows? Kessler syndrome, The Equalizer and further Ukrainian mobilizations


Today I want to give you another important update.

But before I start, I want to dedicate a few words to the Telegram channel “Slavyangrad”. You can join it here if you want, I absolutely recommend it. Well, my team and I, we are analysts. We read information across the internet, process it through our experience and knowledge and write down our conclusions. I want to highlight, that the best firsthand information, we can get, we receive from “Slavyangrad” and its awesome team around Gleb Bazov, Miroslav and all the other administrators and moderators. I also want to say “Thank you”, to “Slavyangrad”, for publishing my articles as well. Moreover, I assume that many other analysts and “podcasters” are receiving their information from this channel. Well, having said this, we can now start with the article.

I’d like to give you some strategic clarifications, which hasn’t been discussed in detail in my last article. Especially about the question of “Big arrows” and many more. Read more

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