When Ukraine falls?

When Ukraine falls?

The US is sending billions of dollars in cash and equipment to Zelenskyy, Ukraine. To what end?

When Ukraine falls will all that equipment and arms end up in the hands of the Russians not much unlike how Biden left Afghanistan to the Taliban? Will Zelenskyy and his corhorts remain and face the consequences of their actions, defeat and if not what country will take them in?

If the Zelenskyy crew finds refuge how much cash will go with them and will it be recovered and repatriated, distributed for the benefit of the Ukrainian people or will it remain in the hands of Zelenskyy and crew?

I’m sure there will be many more questions arising. Comments please.

2 thoughts on “When Ukraine falls?

  1. Ukraine will fall to russia. The west will by then have depleted their military stockpiles. Russia good or bad isnt even relevant as russia dont want carved up by nwo and russia is Gods tool to smash the ungodly west. Israel though in scriprure is Gods battle axe to break the nations into pieces. God uses nations to punish other nations as he chooses.
    Mystery babylon is the usa. Whats interesting is mystery babylon is destroyed late in the great trib. That means time about up or may drag out a few more years. Dont know at this time. Maybe someone understands timing better.
    I always remind that americas overseas military behemoth could survive after america physical fall and go under new ownership of nato or whoever.
    Will russia push into europe? Depends on what nato does.

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