Save the world

Save the world


An Earth Day event a few years back, with booths and displays from various organizations. First one was PETA, with their usual pro-vegan, anti-meat mantra. The literature said stop fishing and eating fish, it is just as bad as livestock farming.

I moved on. A few booths down was another organization. Their theme was eat more fish, it is healthier than red meat and fishing was less harmful than ranching.

A few booths later, I saw a display about eat more farmed fish, let natural fish stocks replenish.

And finally, another booth said farmed fish are bad for you, filled with pollutants and contaminants. Wild fish are better for you.

Four different displays, all on the same theme, with contradictory claims. Each was looking at the same problem from different viewpoints, and came up with different solutions.

I laughed. Then returned home and went fishing.

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