Biden’s handlers praise ‘candid and professional’ Taliban, promise aid

Via Jihad Watch

Biden’s handlers praise ‘candid and professional’ Taliban, promise aid

If you thought that Biden was done appeasing the Taliban once the military retreat from Afghanistan was complete, he’s just getting started.

US officials described the discussions as candid and professional, but added that the Taliban would be judged by their actions.

The US insisted the meeting did not amount to recognition of the Taliban.

In a statement issued on Sunday night, the Taliban said: “US representatives stated that they will give humanitarian assistance to Afghans and will provide facilities for other humanitarian organisations to deliver aid.”

It added that the Taliban would “co-operate with charitable groups in delivering the humanitarian assistance to those deserving transparently, and will facilitate the principled movement of foreign nationals”.

The Biden regime has confirmed that “robust” aid will be provided.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in an emailed statement that the two sides discussed the U.S. providing “robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people” during talks in Qatar that concluded Sunday.

“Directly to the Afghan people” is a myth. Jihad Watch read more

An Afghanistan Grows In Wisconsin

Via Geller Report

An Afghanistan Grows In Wisconsin

Biden didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan. He brought Afghanistan to America. And you won’t like what comes after America.

Muslims are the only immigrant group who come to the West with a ready made model of society they believe to be superior to Western law and they work tirelessly and by all means, to impose it. Under Islam, shariah (Islamic) law supersedes Western law. Anywhere Western law and Shariah law conflict, it is always Western law that must give way. What those of us working in defense of freedom did not expect, was the craven capitulation and cowardice by Western left elites to Islamic supremacy.

I don’t worry about the fanaticism of the enemy, I worry about the treachery on our side. Geller Report read more

Islam we are at war 001 (Video)

Islam we are at war 001


boudica us Published September 26, 2021

RumbleI have been saying since starting Boudica BPI Weblog in April of 2008 that we are at war with Islam. Not a war of our choosing but a war declared upon us by Moslems in the name of Islam. These are not radical Moslems, radical Islamists. They are in fact fundalmentalist Moslems or true Moslems following in the footsteps of Muhammad.

American Hero Mike Glover: “Thousands of Americans” Are Still Stranded inside Afghanistan (Video)

American Hero Mike Glover: “Thousands of Americans” Are Still Stranded inside Afghanistan


boudica us Published September 26, 2021 4 Views


RumbleAmerican Hero Mike Glover: “Thousands of Americans” Are Still Stranded inside Afghanistan – Biden Administration Is AWOL (VIDEO)

Mike Glover is a special operations expert who is working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help to rescue Americans and American allies in Afghanistan.

Mike says the NGOs are doing more to rescue stranded Americans than the Biden administration. Mike says the US is now counting on the Taliban and the Al-Qanni network to rescue the Americans from the country.

The video at the following link tells a horrific story. There are reportedly thousands of Americans and Afghan allies abandoned in Afghanistan and a few heroic Americans are doing everything they can to try to rescue them. The man in this video, Mike Glover Retired Green Beret Sgt Major, is aformer CIA paramilitary contractor. I met Mike in the aftermath of Benghazi and he played an important role in getting the real story out about how the Obama Administration abandoned American citizens in Libya.

Please watch and write your members of Congress demanding action.

We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are Still at War via Gatestone Institute

20 Years and 40,000 Terror Attacks Later: What We Should Have Learned from 9/11 (Video)


20 Years and 40,000 Terror Attacks Later: What We Should Have Learned from 9/11


Sep 11, 2021


On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, let’s review the 40,000 terrorist attacks that have occurred since then, and discuss what we should have learned from them. For the complete list of deadly terror attacks since September 11, 2001, visit the Religion of Peace website:

Egyptian TV Host: The Taliban Is The Essence And Culmination Of All Islamic Ideas

Do not forget that the Muslim Brotherhood was the government that Obama/Biden/Clinton wanred during Obama’s Arab Spring. The same Arab Spring that was an Arab Winter in Obama’s mideast clusterfuck.

Egyptian TV Host: The Taliban Is The Essence And Culmination Of All Islamic Ideas; The Muslim Brotherhood Would Implement The Same Version Of Islam

Egyptian TV Host: The Taliban Is The Essence And Culmination Of All Islamic Ideas; The Muslim Brotherhood Would Implement The Same Version Of Islam – Geller Report News

Islam is Islam.

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy (Video)

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy


boudica us Published September 16, 2021

RumbleMark Dolan: Biden lacks the judgement and cognitive health to deal with this ensuing Afghanistan crisis

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy

In a new low, in the handling of the Afghanistan crisis, Joe Biden, speaking about hurricane Ida, refused to take questions about the biggest international crisis America has faced for decades.

There is no accountability with this man. You can see that the question about Afghanistan actually angered him, as he slapped his hand on the podium. Well he can be as angry as he likes. He’s not as angry as the mother of a Marine killed in the evacuation, who had the following withering assessment: “He is a feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap”.

Not words I would use, but you can understand her anger. If that press conference wasn’t bad enough – remember this guy is always a no show, when faced with the tough questions. He’s no-show Joe. This gaffe prone president, in my view the most dangerous president in modern political history, could also barely conceal his boredom as he attended a ceremony for fallen US soldiers.

He was either checking his watch for the time, for the date, or perhaps he was worried about missing his favourite TV programme. Sesame Street.

Many say this man will not fight the presidential election in three year’s time. Frankly I don’t give him three months at this rate. In my view he lacks the judgement, the intelligence, and the cognitive health with which to deal with this ensuing crisis. And let’s check in shall we, with how it’s going with the new-look nicer, friendlier Taliban. You know, plant-based, woke Taliban 2.0.

Ground news report a folk singer was dragged out of his house and shot by the Taliban, after they banned music. And here is footage of a newsreader, with a couple of thugs behind him, with rifles slung over their shoulder.

I wonder how the BBC’s Huw Edwards would feel working under those circumstances. Seen enough yet? Whether we like it or not, America’s president is the world’s president. And need clear-eyed, brave leadership, as we deal with the consequences of the the catastrophic Allied withdrawal. In many ways the crisis has only just begun. Britain won’t be safe, America won’t be safe and the world won’t be safe until there is someone in the White House that’s actually up to the job. Don’t taker my word for it – the former commander of British troops in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp, says the UK now faces it’s biggest terror threat in years. That’s why this matters. And it doesn’t stop there. There are now reports breaking that North Korea have restarted a nuclear reactor, that is believed to have produced plutonium for nuclear weapons, according to the UN. So do you see why leadership is so critical at this point in our history? Leadership that from the mask loving, high priest of progressive politics Joe Biden is so sorely lacking. No show Joe, has got to go.

BIDEN’S HOSTAGE CRISIS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 173 (Video)

BIDEN’S HOSTAGE CRISIS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 173

Published September 13, 2021

RumbleIn this episode, Dinesh reveals how Biden, like Jimmy Carter, has a hostage crisis, but both the administration and its allies in the media refuse to label it as such.  Pondering the vacuous effeminacy of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s public statements, Dinesh says we have met Nietzsche’s “last man” and his name is Blinken.  Author Mary Grabar joins Dinesh to pinpoint the falsehoods of the 1619 Project. Dinesh reflects on how the end of the American era, like the end of the Athenian era in the 5th Century BC, might arise out of a military disaster in a faraway place.

The disaster in Afghanistan is actually far worse than most people realize (Video)

The disaster in Afghanistan is actually far worse than most people realize


boudica us Published September 12, 2021 4 Views

RumbleNot only did the Biden Regime leave $83 billion in US equipment, weaponry, aircraft, and vehicles in Bagram Airbase for the Taliban, they are also giving them highly advanced Air Force, Security, and Laser systems that currently are in Uzbekistan. What’s more, they intentionally allowed Americans to be stranded in Afghanistan so they could use them as an excuse (see 2nd video below) for transferring billions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” (aka ransom) to the Taliban.