Electricity HAS to come from somewhere (Video)

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America First – tyrannide resistere
Electricity HAS to come from somewhere. Watch till the end.

Now, imagine EVERYONE in America going home to plug in their vehicles. MILLIONS OF THEM.

Electricity HAS to come from somewhere. Watch till the end.

Global Plandemic 001 (Video)

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Global Plandemic. The COVID Pandemic IMO is just another segmant of the Global Plandemic. I can’t tell you when it started bur it took root with the Global Warming Crisis decades ago. The Global Warming, climate change has thus far proven to be nothing more than a money, power grab scheme. IMO the Coronacirus pandemic has proven to be just another chapter of the Global Plandemic. You have surrendered your freedoms for what?  You have let those supposedly elected to represent you close your businesses, limit your freedom to travel and meet with others, walk around wearing masks and being subjected to injection with experimental gene altering drugs. Wake up and start thinking, think for yourself and stop listening to the experts like Dr. Fauci. Experts who have been pretty much wrong at every turn, not unlike the climate change experts.

Compliance COVID 001A (Video)

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RumbleCompliance with un-constitutional mandates and experimental drugs, lost freedoms. For what?

Islam and respect 3 16 2021 001 (Video)

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For 1400 years years Moslems have been at war with not only Christians but all non-Muslims. They have burned and destroyed Churches and continue today. Throughout Europe Churches are destroyed and vandalized on an almost weekly basis. Piss in the direction of Mecca or draw a Muhammad cartoon, burn a Koran and these same Moslems go berserk. WTF? Ban Islam while you still can.

Gender Democrats 2-26-2021 001 (Video)

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Gender is so easy to understand. Look in your underwear. If you have a penis you’re male, if you don’t and have a vagina you’re female. Not complicated unless you’re a Democrat, Liberal, Leftist. These creatures don’t know which bathroom to use but think a 5 year old can decide if they should be male or female. WTF?

Capitol Riots 001 (Video)

Capitol Riots 001


Riot at the Capitol! An insurrection incited by Trump. Oh the despair. Senators and House members feared for their lives. What a crock of Bull Shit.

A few people did something. Doubtful they were Trump supporters Incited by Trump. This was nothing compared to the riots encouraged and condoned by leftist Democrats throughout 2020.

Illegal Aliens, Government and US Citizens Video

Illegal Aliens, Government and US Citizens

There has been a lot of talk from #46 Biden and his administration of doing away with ICE, the Border Patrol. Opening the borders. Letting Illegal Aliens in with no checks. Meanwhile US Citizens will have to put up with the TSA for domestic flights. ID’s body scans, luggage and body searches. WTF?


2020-2021 Democrats Covid-19 Plandemic 001 Video

2020-2021 Democrats Covid-19 Plandemic 001

During 2020, 2021 Democrats have shown us the true face of the Democrat Party and it isn’t a good one.

Black Lives Matter and…..

I’m White. I won’t apologize