Freedom? Secure borders?

Freedom? Secure borders?

As Biden and our government trample on our freedoms the SOB has the balls to visit Zelenskyy and claim the US is fighting for Freedom.

As he invites invasion by illegals across our open borders he refuses to defend and secure, the bastard talks about defending Ukraine’s border. Insanity.

Don’t let this fool and our Washington politicians sacrifice your son’s and daughters to support Zelenskyy and his corrupt government. Enough Ukrainian citizens have died because of their folly.

Democrats and Republicans are both at fault along with those who keep voting the incumbants in.. WTFU! That means wake the fuck up, in case you didn’t get the meaning.

Any time I see learn more at I question whether I will get honest and reliable information or a government falsehood pushing a political agenda. They constantly push their agenda whether it be the last 2+ years of the COVID plandemic or the support of the Zelenskyy regime in Ukraine. If not downright lies, at the least false and misleading information. Our government is no longer trustworthy.

POS Lindsey Graham still beating the drums of war

POS Lindsey Graham still beating the drums of war. Graham urging warplanes and other armaments to Zelenskyy’s Ukraine. Not content with his supporting Obama’s mid-east clusterfuck dubbed the Arab Spring (in reality the Arab or mid-east winter) Graham is pushing in Ukraine.

This is the same Lindsey Graham who along with John McCain and the Obama bunch favored US and NATO involvement in overthrowing Gadaffi in Libya and brought us the Benghazi debacle.

The same Lindsey Graham that wanted to infringe on our first amendment rights in favor of Islam and Moslems (Ann Barnhard) Burning a Korean not okay but silent on Moslems burning Christian persons in Obama’s Arab Winter. Keep in mind that it was Obama’s/America’s “freedom fighters” murdering Christians in Syria. It was Assad/Putin who the Christians turned to for protection not Obama.

Those that favor continued involvement in Ukraine…

Pete Buttigieg United States Secretary of Transportation is but one example of what’s wrong with the Biden administrations policy of inclusion

Pete Buttigieg United States Secretary of Transportation is but one example of what’s wrong with the Biden administrations policy of inclusion. It seems Biden believes it is better to pick someone for a cabinet or administration position because they are different rather than picking someone who is competent. His cabinet and administration is chock full of other examples.

Government employees and work at home.

Every government employee from local to federal needs to return to the field, office if they deal with the public. Furthermore their hours need to be scheduled around the working hours of the general public. If not they need to be fired. It’s up to them to accommodate the public not vice versa.

Biden’s disingenuous Chinese spy satalite statement.

Biden”s disingenuous Chinese spy satalite statement.

It’s rather disingenuous of the Biden administration to pretend to be concerned about the safety of American citizens when they aid and abet in the murder of thousands by fentanyl and other drugs with their open border policy. They don’t give a damn about our nations sovernity when they sponsor invasion by thousands of illegal aliens posing as “refugees”.

Biden and administration waging war on 2 fronts

Biden and administration waging war on 2 fronts

Biden is waging a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and simultaneously waging war against the American people and our traditional way of life here at home. He is using the US government in both. He is on the wrong side of history in both cases. Restore our constitution.

In summary as far as Biden and his supporters…..