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MEET YEONMI PARK – North Korean Defector Faces Totalitarianism at Columbia University (Video)

MEET YEONMI PARK – North Korean Defector Faces Totalitarianism at Columbia University

boudica us Published February 27, 2022

Yeonmi Park is one of the most courageous people on Earth, and it was the experience of a lifetime getting to sit down with her for the DEBUT episode of On The Frontlines! As socialism and Marxism have taken root on campuses nationwide, Yeonmi faced a strikingly familiar totalitarianism at Columbia University after fleeing North Korea and the Kim regime. Hear her compelling story and the shocking State of Campus college students are facing today!

Stalin’s Great Purge The Great Terror (1932-1940) (Video)

Stalin’s Great Purge The Great Terror (1932-1940)

boudica us Published December 17, 2021

RumbleCommunism by the back door

Stalin’s Great Purge The Great Terror (1932-1940)

Two videos to watch All you supporters of communism are doomed. Antifa, BLM, Feminists Video 1 of 2

American Left ‘baffled’ by Cuba’s ‘ingratitude’ to ‘communist overlords’ (Video)

American Left ‘baffled’ by Cuba’s ‘ingratitude’ to ‘communist overlords’

Jul 17, 2021

Sky News Australia

The same people who shed a tear when Fidel Castro died are now baffled by the “ingratitude” of the Cuban people to their “communist overlords” for decades of free healthcare and “100 per cent literacy,” says Sky News host James Morrow. This comes following widespread protests by thousands of Cuban residents against their government for the economy’s collapse, food and medicine shortages, and the handling of the COVID pandemic. The protest reached a level never seen before in the country’s 62 years under communist rule. Mr Morrow said the Cuban people have a “big fight” on their hands but should not expect help from the “Biden administration and the American left”. “On the left side of politics, the same people who shed a tear when Fidel Castro died a few years back are now baffled by the ingratitude of the Cuban people to their communist overlords for all those decades of free healthcare and 100 per cent literacy,” he said. “The clueless Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, naturally, has made the issue not the Cuban government’s oppressive rule, but the US embargo that has existed since the Kennedy administration.” The Biden administration declared it “will not take Cuban refugees who sail the treacherous 90 miles of shark infested sea to get to Florida, and will instead send them back to Cuba or a third country,” Mr Morrow said. “The weirdest reaction had to come from Black Lives Matter – which really ought to rename itself ‘Black Lives Matter – but not if they are being oppressed by a communist anti-American dictatorship’. “Like others, they chose not to mention the communist regime, and blame everything on the embargo – and, amazingly, said that the Cuban people, in the form of the communist government, are being punished for their sovereignty and self determination. “Once upon a time, the possible fall of a murderous dictatorship opposed to everything America stood for would be cheered by both right and sensible people on the left – now not so much. “From the Biden administration to Black Lives Matter, you can see whose side they’re really on.”

Global Mass Psychosis


Global Mass Psychosis

Global Mass Psychosis – European Conservative
The following interview with Juris Rudevskis was originally published in Latvian on July 6 and 7 in the daily Neatkarígá. The interview was conducted by Elita Veidemane. It has been translated and…
28 August 2020 Interview

The following interview with Juris Rudevskis was originally published in Latvian on July 6 and 7 in the daily Neatkarígá. The interview was conducted by Elita Veidemane. It has been translated and edited for clarity, and appears here by kind permission. 

Veidemane: How do you assess what has been happening around the world, especially regarding the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Rudevskis: The first words that come to mind to describe what is happening are: a tsunami of madness! An educated observer will agree that these movements can be referred to as a ‘revolution.’ But what kind of revolution? Globally, this is the same Marxist revolution that began in 1917 in Russia. It never ended and has been going on for over a century. It must be understood that revolutions rarely manifest themselves as armed struggles. This particular revolution has historically taken many forms, but there is a clear continuity between them, both in terms of goals and ideas.

A mob of BLM protestors — mostly privileged middle class young men and women — holding signs in June 2020. Image courtesy of Life Matters from Pexels.

Let us not forget that both before the Second World War and during the Cold War, the Soviet special services were very active in destroying Western civilization and its culture from within, especially with the help of ‘useful idiots’ among Western intellectuals and public figures. (Unfortunately, some of these included Latvians in exile, too.) The massive infiltration of communists and other Marxists into the ranks of large Western universities, as well as various demonstrations supporting ‘disarmament’ and ‘against capitalism’: all of these have been manifestations of the same revolutionary process.

Nor did any of this disappear after the fall of the Iron Curtain; the revolution only changed shape slightly. I remember the shock I felt in the 1990s when I began to come into contact with respectable representatives of democratic European countries — our role models. To my own embarrassment, I realized that sometimes the same old communist speeches came out of their mouths — even though, supposedly, that ideology had been thrown into the dustbin of history.

What exactly is happening in the United States?

The formal cause of these protests was the killing of George Floyd, a black man, in Minneapolis on May 25 at the time of his arrest. It must be said at once that police violence in the United States is a real problem; you don’t have to be left-wing to admit it. But this time, the protests — initially against police violence — morphed into orgies of rampant vandalism: looting of shops and other businesses, destruction of private property, violence against people.

Similar unrest and protests over police misconduct in the U.S., whether real or imagined, is not new: they have taken place numerous times since 1965. However, the current unrest is something new, both quantitatively and qualitatively. First of all, their huge geographical spread is surprising: riots are taking place in all U.S. states and all major cities. Even abroad there has been a wave of supportive demonstrations. From a qualitative point of view, there is what I would call ‘targeted symbolic violence’: that is, the desecration or demolition of various monuments and sites because they honor historical figures who had unacceptable beliefs, and are thus deemed ‘racists’ and ‘supporters of slavery.’

Is there an organizer or a strategist behind these protests?

A statue of Christopher Columbus, outside the State Capitol of Minnesota, toppled by protesters in June 2020. Image by Tony Webster; cropped and licensed under CCA 2.0 Generic.

Only the U.S. security services can know for sure. However, what is happening has the characteristics of mass psychosis, so it is not necessary to organize something constantly: it is enough to ignite the first spark. In this case, a different question is more important: who benefits? This unrest must be seen in the context of the forthcoming U.S. presidential elections in November, whose outcome will affect U.S. policy, not only for the next four years but also for several decades to come.

Remember that the President of the United States is the person who, with the consent of the Senate, appoints judges to the U.S. Supreme Court for life. This court is of great political importance in assessing the constitutionality of laws. And over the next four years, the next U.S. president is likely to have to appoint one or even two judges, and the balance of political power in this court will depend on this.

The Trump presidency has, in my view, been a great success.

Of course. In 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate was at a record low of only 3.5% — the lowest since 1969! In addition, the situation of African-Americans and other minorities has improved the most during the Trump Administration. But then came the Covid-19 pandemic, and the U.S. economy began to experience a severe recession. The approaching economic abyss was observed in April. But again in May, the economy rose sharply, with 2.7 million jobs created or restored and 4.8 million in June. So, the pandemic has not been strong enough to weaken Trump’s position. Therefore, everything possible must be used against him — to undermine his leadership. This unrest must be assessed in this way.

Don’t you find it strange that the riots, looting, and destruction of monuments during recent weeks have taken place in an atmosphere of relative impunity? The police do not often react, but politicians, celebrities, and companies of different levels and caliber — the owners of big brands — have publicly expressed their support for the insurgents.

But why is this happening?

I think some people are fascinated by the wave of mass psychosis and no longer have the will to resist. Others are just scared. Others quietly rejoice and hope that the unrest will undermine President Trump’s chances of re-election. Here is one very recent example of how confused the situation is: a couple of lawyers living in St. Louis found that an aggressive crowd had broken into their private property. Each lawyer took a firearm and went outside, pointing their barrels against the invaders, who were frightened off and fled. Afterwards, a wave of hateful comments appeared, in the press and on social networks, against both lawyers. The local city prosecutor then initiated a criminal investigation — not against those who had trespassed but against the homeowners! The EUROPEAN CONSERVATIVE read more

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