Biden’s disingenuous Chinese spy satalite statement.

Biden”s disingenuous Chinese spy satalite statement.

It’s rather disingenuous of the Biden administration to pretend to be concerned about the safety of American citizenswhen they said and abet in the murder of thousands by fentanyl and other drugs with their open border policy. They don’t give a damn about our nations sovernity when they sponsor invasion by thousands of illegal aliens posing as “refugees”.


Biden and administration waging war on 2 fronts

Biden and administration waging war on 2 fronts

Biden is waging a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and simultaneously waging war against the American people and our traditional way of life here at home. He is using the US government in both. He is on the wrong side of history in both cases. Restore our constitution.

In summary as far as Biden and his supporters…..



Government Reset

Government Reset

There is 1 thing that government does and does well and that is make problems and fuck things up. California wants to raise the minimum wage to $22. Overall the consequences will be greater than any benefits. Education, look at our public education system today. Far worse than years past. Government is composed of people that are incompetent and out of touch with any sense of reality.

We need a reset of government not by government.


Dead Name’ Documentary Exposes Secret Trans Indoctrination Cult Teaching Kids To Want Gender Transition Surgery

‘Dead Name’ Documentary Exposes Secret Trans Indoctrination Cult Teaching Kids To Want Gender Transition Surgery (Video)

By Adina Kutnicki
Cambridge dictionary woman
AS parents, grandparents, and concerned adults reel in horror at the total indoctrination and penetration of the hearts and minds of America’s children (within the west at-large), that is, to control upcoming generations, countless are too terrified to stop the onslaught. Not one institution is safe from their satanic grasp.

IN this regard, this investigative journalist has been sounding the alarm from hither and yon. Within the below, its basis can be gleaned, too. Read more at Adina Kutnicki

The COVID Scamdemic/Plandemic days LOL

The COVID Scamdemic/Plandemic days LOL